The number of digital nomads, professionals who choose a remote and location-independent career that allows them to travel and work anywhere in the world, is growing crazy.

We prepared a list of the coolest catch ups, camps and conferences across the globe where you can meet like-minded people. Or maybe it’ll be also handy as an inspiration for your future travel plans.

Calendar of best DIGITAL NOMADs EVENTS 2017:

February 2017

Wolfhouse – NEW Coliving Launch Party / Influencers Week – Tenerife

  • 16 – 23th | Canary Island, Spain
  • Amazing spot for digital nomads focusing on companies, remote teams and startups is just about to be open in Tenerife. Stop by to check it out, stay for few days, get work done and enjoy opening pool party on 18th. Check FB event for more info.

WIFI Tribe Coliving – Brazil

  • February (whole month) | Florianópolis
  • Famous carnival, 42 beaches, nightlife, colonial city.. and nomads everywhere!


  • 4th of February | Chiang May
  • 2nd edition of this summit for digital nomads will take place in Le Méridien Hotel in one of the most popular destinations in Thailand. Chiang May is HUB full of nomads and you will definitely get tons of inspiration and make plenty of new friends.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp + Ski Workation – Bulgaria

  • 15 – 22th of February | Bansko
  • rustic 9* rated GUESTHOUSE located in Bulgarian Alps is ready for entrepreneurs & nomads.

Nomad House – Colombia

  • 17 – 27th February | Medellin
  • come to heart of Colombia to learn, share & develop with other nomads in da house  🙂

Nomad Convoy – Africa

  • 21st Feb – 20th March | 28 days around Zambia – Zimbabwe – Botswana – Namibia – South Africa
  • 70 digital nomads on 5 fully equipped off-road vehicles (trucks)
  • Networking, collaborating, adventure, camping, hiking and much more.

March 2017

22Stars Social Workation in Uganda

  • 5 – 26th March | Kampala
  • meet fellow dig. nomads and discover culture, nature and local life in Uganda.

DNX Digital Nomad Conference – Argentina

  • 1st of March | Buenos Aires
  • One of the most popuplar nomad conferences is taking place in Argentina this year! Hundreds of digital nomads will be heading there to get inspiration from the BEST. You will have plenty of time for networking, workshop and chacing new business opportunities. GET YOUR TICKET NOW!

CO-WORK Paradise – Indonesia

  • 1 – 29th | Bali (Canggu)
  • 1 luxury villa with 12 PRO entrepreneurs in the paradise 🙂

WIFI Tribe Coliving – Argentina

Refuga  Climbing Trip – Tanzania

  • 4 – 14th MarchKilimanjaro
  • adventurous expedition with 15 entrepreneurs

Hackers Paradise – Peru

  • 12 March – 6 April | Lima

Refuga Luxury Workation – Morocco

  • 14 – 21st of MarchMarrakech
  • 8 days with with 20 entrepreneurs in luxury villa
  • working, networking, masterminding and getting work done!


  • 20 – 20th March | Jerusalem
  • International conference for travelers, bloggers, digital nomads and other entrepreneurs living and working remotely or interested in “location independence” movement.

April 2017

Beunsettled – Argentina

  • 3rd April – 1st May – Buenos Aires
  • stay in the heart of Buenos Aires with 25 people from all around the world and enjoy the most active month of your life.
  • PRICE: 2100 USD

Digital Nomad Girls Retreat – Las Palmas

  • 1 – 10th of April | Spain, Grand Canary Islands
  • successful event dedicated to nomad girls is going to have 2nd edition in Canary Islands. Come and share challenges, motivation, advice and with other location independent entrepreneurs.


  • 1 – 2nd of April | GLOBAL
  • virtual conference bringing together all digital nomads, location independent entrepreneurs and remote workers.


  • 9th April – 7th May | Kuching, Borneo Island
  • it’s time to get fit and get the work done in the same time! This event is a perfect opportunity for you to improve your busines & health. It’s ALL in experience and package includes coliving & coworking & fitness & masterminds..
  • PRICE: 1299 USD

FLAKS Workation for Entrepreneurs – SPAIN

  • 30 April – 14 May | Tarifa
  • 1 or 2 weeks in Spanish traditional villa with fellow digital nomads from all around the world. Coworking, networking, kiting, yoga, inspiring etc.

May 2017

CoDome – Coworkation in Kenya

  • whole MAY | Kisumu
  • living and coworking in rural Kenya with 8 other entrepreneurs in sustainable co-living space. Wild safary, exploring local culture, workshops with children, etc.

REMOTE WAY – South America

  • May – June | Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina
  • coworking spaces, private acommodations, course & activities, transportation.

SUNNY OFFICE – South of Spain

  • 1st – 10th May | Andalusia
  • group of 7-15 people sharing house 2 minutes from the Beach on beautiful coast of ZAHORA.

NOMAD CRUISE – from Colombia to Portugal

  • 11 – 25th May | 15 days | 4 countries
  • Highly recommended trip (tried personally). 150 entrepreneurs traveling together on cruise ship, crossing Atlantic ocean and enjoying journey full of networking, workshops, fun, talks etc. Check out video from the cruise I attended in Dec. 2016!
  • PRICE: starts at 775 euros 


  • 4 – 6th MayHuntsville
  • One of the biggest conferences brings together travel bloggers, digital nomads, travel journalists from all around the world to get to know each other / network and explore business opportunities.

BIZTREAT – Philippines

  • May 12th – May 19th | Siargao Island
  • spend one week on exotic island with 10 other entrepreneurs, learn from each other, work on your business, enjoy surfing, yoga or other outdoor activities.
  • PRICE: starts at 2690 USD


  • 22 – 29th May | Florli
  •  workation with entrepreneurs (nomads) in “wild & remote” place which is located in the most beautiful part of Norway, Lysefjord.
  • PRICE: starts at 597 euros


  • 22 – 29th May | Bali
  • Coworking and networking event in the land of Gods. You can expect good focus, meditation and very relaxed event full of inspiring people in one of the most spiritual places of this planet!

 June 2017


  • 4 June – 18 June / 18 June – 2 July | VASSILIKI
  • coworking & coliving & sport activities

Betahaus & DNX Camp – Greece

  • 22th of June – 1st of July | Lemnos
  • Betahaus and DNX are throwing another amazing camp because it’s getting super popular. 10 days of coliving experience with like minded people with just enough time to enjoy workation, sport activities and luxury of glamping!

Refuga  Climbing Trip – North Korea

  • 16 – 24th June | North Korea
  • adventurous expedition with 15 entrepreneurs

July 2017

22Stars Social Workation in Uganda

  • 9 – 30th July | Kampala
  • spend 3 weeks in beautiful nature of Uganda, connect with locals, make an impact and make the world a better place.

REMOTE WAY – Africa & Europe

  • July – SeptemberMorocco, Spain, Portugal, Croatia
  • transportation , private rooms, course & activities, and coworking spaces with high speed WIFIs

August 2017

Refuga Investor Trip – India

  • 6 – 13th August | 7 days in Bangalore and Hyderabad India
  • 20 international investors
  • exploring opportunities in the 2nd fastest startup scene in the WORLD.

September 2017

DNX – Digital Nomads Conference – Portugal

  • September | Lisbon
  • speakers (nomads) from all around the world we’ll meet in Portugal and together with DNX will inspire and motivate other nomads. You don’t want to miss of the biggest conferences with plenty talks & workshops.


  • 9 – 16th September | Koh Lanta
  • enjoy 3 days in Koh Lanta & 3 days in Railay beach with bunch of nomads from all around the world. You will have enough to explore the islands, improve your business, focus on personal growth, make new friends etc.


  • 13 – 25th September | from Moscow to Ulaanbataar
  • take an amazing Trans – Siberian trip you always dreamed about with group of digital nomads from all around the world. Discover different cities and nature of Russia together, get the work done in the meantime and build-up your business network.
  • PRICE: starts at 790 euros 

October 2017

Project Getaway – Indonesia

  • 1 – 31st | FULL MONTH | 2 x 2 weeks – Bali
  • Amazing combination of beautiful venue, successful entrepreneurs and spirit of Bali. Enjoy coworking / networking and sharing with other remote works (digital nomads) and spend best month of your live in Indonesia.
  • PRICE:
    • 2 weeks – starts at 1950 USD
    • full month – 3575 USD


  • Oct. – December | Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thai Islands
  • accommodation, coworkings, activities, trips with fellow nomads.

COWORKATION for Digital Nomads – Indonesia

  • 9 – 15th October | Bali
  • One of the most inspiring and relaxing coworkation in the most heart of beautiful island, Bali. Improve your business, meet like-minded people, relax and get daily work done in the same time.

December 2017

Nomad City – Spain, Las Palmas

  • 4th – 8th December
  • meetup of 150 location independent entrepreneurs in one of the biggest “nomad” hubs in Europe.

List of Organizers (websites) providing regular digital nomad events / conferences:

Nomad Cruise

digital nomad cruise - group photo

Nomad Cruise is not only a cruise where 200 people board on a boat, it’s a journey of a lifetime. All-inclusive comfort, beautiful destinations and facilities creating environment to share, learn, meet, connect and inspire. Where you can be introduced to 200 like-minded people in just few minutes?

“You might be surprised but the price is very affordable.. you can get spot for around 620 euros (13days)

Have a look on the list of experts facilitating workshops and you’ll understand why this cruise is so popular between independent entrepreneurs. Big names bring value to your business while you’re having an experience of a lifetime.

Nomad Cruise is a community, because the contacts and friendships which start on the boat may have unlimited lasting.

Coworkations – around the world

coworkation - events around the world

Coworkations are inspirational retreats which take place in various destinations around the world. Coworkations connect people who have chosen location independent lifestyle and freedom which comes from a desire to design the lifestyle they want.

The trips have different length (from weekends up to 2 weeks) and each of them take in consideration the code of Coworkation.

DNX Conferences and Camps

dnx - digital nomads conference

DNX creates a platform for freedom-preneurs who decided to change the conventional job and set up new life with own rules in time schedule, job and life.

The DNX speakers are successful internet business owners. Currently, the DNX vibe was spread across more than 4.000 attendees and as the reviews on the official website say, it’s an amazing and inspirational adventure.

Each DNX Conference or Camps welcome incredible experts who share their best practices and advice on business and nomadic lifestyle.

Sunny Office Events

sunny office for digital nomads

In September Sunny Office organizes another hang out for a small group of digital nomads from different parts of Europe. An Andalusian escape will take place in a coastal village of Zahora. Freelancers and entrepreneurs will be exploring this beautiful part of Spanish coast for 10 days.

sunny office - sailing

Located only 300 meters from the beach makes it a perfect spot to enjoy the best sunsets and sunrises every day. If September it´s too tight date for you, Sunny Office has upcoming events through the whole year. Check out their website for updates.

Codino – Digital Nomad Meetups / Events in Barcelona and Spain


CODINO – is a community for meeting digital nomads and people interested in the location-independent lifestyle with base in / around Barcelona. CODINO organizes meetups, workshops, the “nomad-talk” speaker series, coworking days, mastermind groups and offer workations around Barcelona and other parts in Spain and Europe.

CODINO network also cooperate and organize events with other digital nomad international communities, organisations, workations and online-entrepreneur groups coming to Barcelona and Spain.

DCBKK Conference

DCBKK - conference

According to previous attendee Rus Huges, “The best thing about staying in The Entrepreneur House is that my productivity has increased 500%.”

The Entrepreneur House is connecting people who are in the business 2 – 10 years, some of them 10+ years. The month will be filled with activities, such as, private masterminds, presentations facilitated by advisors and more. Rus Huges is one of the many examples how effectively these activities and environment of successful entrepreneurs can boost your productivity and profit. If you want more reasons why you shouldn’t definitely miss DCBKK conference, check out the official website of The Entrepreneur House with profiles of advisors and more updates.

Refuga – Workations and Adventures for Entrepreneurs

refuga - traveling with entrepreneurs

361 entrepreneurs from 32 different countries have joined adventurous trips to 6 different countries organized by Refuga. The mission is to create the world’s best networking experiences, by getting ambitious people together for workations and expeditions across the globe. Among the trips organized by Refuga can be found Kilimajaro, Spain, Costa Rica, Marocco, Thailand – everything from different corners of the world. Find out what fits you the best. – Coworkation on Sailing Boat

coboat. nomad event

Running a business as a nomad definitely comes along with adventurous personality. What would you say for a week or two with like-minded people cruising the ocean waters and stopping in beautiful destinations?

Coboat is new concept of coworking camp that brings together community of nomads on board a catamaran and treat them with cured program full of inspirational talks, workshops, skill sessions. Along with business side comes discovering. At anchorages you can get closer to villages, local people, beaches and coworking communities.

Obviously, at the end of the day you can’t leave this unusual coworking office. Instead, you interact, discuss and brainstorm with fellow nomadic mates who can enrich you with new ideas or notes towards pitched product/service.

Coboat also cares about the balance between work and relax. After you unplug from projects, there are plenty of cool activities that bring community even tightly together. From yoga sessions, scuba diving, movie nights, cooking classes to pitch night and TED talks.

The environment of open-minded entrepreneurs force you to think, evaluate, be authentic and share your passions. As many coboaters said, it is incredible experience which re-inspired them, made think about new possibilities and gave them valuable input, feedback and confidence to go on with their projects.
Added value of Coboat is a unique mission underlining sustainability and the aim to come up with solutions how to fight the ocean pollution. The boat itself is also designed in order to represent sustainable values – it has electric motors using energy from solar panels.