13 Cities With The Lowest Rent For Digital Nomads Ahead Of 2023

The number of digital nomads is increasing as thousands of people relocate to remote regions of the world to work while discovering new cities and cultures.

Without further ado, here are the 10 cheapest destinations for digital nomads according to Cia Landlords.

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13. Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade has become one of the most sought-after destinations for digital nomads because of its incredibly low cost and fast internet. The Serbian capital is home to numerous coworking spaces exclusively for digital nomads, and there is a thriving café scene

What attracts digital nomads to Belgrade, aside from the low cost and stable Wi-Fi? Perhaps it’s the distinct culture of digital nomads, the fun nightlife alternatives, the widespread adoption of digital technology, and the friendliness of Serbs toward outsiders.

  • Rent for Apartment in City Center: $460/month
  • One-Way Transportation Ticket: $0.85
  • Meal at an Inexpensive Restaurant: $7.35

12. Brasov, Romania

Romania is an excellent alternative for anyone searching for a low-cost European country with a strong digital nomad community, much to do whatever your interests are, and fast WIFI.

Brasov, in the heart of Transylvania, is a popular destination for remote workers, and you can live a full life in Romania, including rent and bills, for $1000 or less per month.

11. Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia is another popular destination for remote workers, thanks in part to friendly visa policies for tourists (especially Americans) and the ‘Remotely in Georgia’ remote worker visa, as well as easy living conditions.

In Tbilisi, you can live comfortably for $1000 or less and still have access to excellent WIFI and coworking facilities. Foodies, especially wine connoisseurs, will be thrilled as eating out is incredibly affordable and there is fascinating and sumptuous cuisine to sample.

10. San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, is the starting point for exploring the nation’s beaches and parks. The nation offers a special digital nomad visa to make it as simple as possible for remote workers to relocate there.

Six months rent in a one-bedroom apartment: £3,566 (€4,094).

9. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Discover Ljubljana’s medieval splendor as you explore this vibrant university town with around 45,000 students. For those seeking European beauty without paying European rates, it is the perfect location nestled between Italy and Croatia.

Although there isn’t a specific visa for digital nomads in the nation, potential expatriates can apply for other choices like a Schengen visa to stay there for an extended period of time.

Six months rent in a one-bedroom apartment: £3,491 (€4,007).

8. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, a small Baltic republic. Estonia has a highly digital society that is ideal for remote employees. There are free Internet connections throughout the city, and 99 percent of government services are accessible online.

The country also offers digital nomads a one-year visa.

Six months rent in a one-bedroom apartment: £3,437 (€3,942).

7. Bratislava, Slovakia

This medieval city crosses the Danube and lies at the foot of the Little Carpathians. Both Vienna and Budapest can be reached by boat in 70 minutes and two hours, respectively.

The country does not have a special visa for digital nomads, but prospective expats can apply for a temporary residence permit.

Six months rent in a one-bedroom apartment: £3,354 (€3,847).

6. Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece

This old city combines historical significance with modern charm. There are ancient ruins all across the city, as well as busy pubs and cafes.

Greece is great for folks who enjoy pleasant weather due to its mild Mediterranean climate. The country also offers a two-year visa specifically for digital nomads.

Six months rent in a one-bedroom apartment: £2,580 (€2,959).

5. Riga, Latvia

Riga, another Baltic jewel, dates back to the 12th century AD. Remnants of its past are everywhere – the Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – but there are also modern and well-equipped co-working spaces.

A digital nomad visa allows remote employees to stay in Latvia for a year.

Six months rent in a one-bedroom apartment: £2,313 (€2,653)

4. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is famous for its rich history, beautiful architecture and vibrant nightlife. About 30 million tourists visit the city every year. The city is also located in the center of Europe and borders seven different nations, making it an ideal base for exploring the continent.

A “white card” is Hungary’s visa for digital nomads. To apply for it, you must first submit an application to a local Hungarian embassy.

Six months rent in a one-bedroom apartment: £2,306 (€2,647).

3. Santiago, Chile

Santiago is surrounded by mountains, including the snow-capped Andes and the Chilean coastal range. On weekends, you can ski in the Andes and surf on the Pacific Ocean.

Chile does not have a special visa for digital nomads. Visitors can instead work with a 90-day tourist visa, which can be extended for another 90 days for about €100.

Six months rent in a one-bedroom apartment: £2,248 (€2,580 ).

2. Bogota, Colombia

Bogota has much to offer culture enthusiasts with its street art, museums and architecture. Foreign workers employed outside Colombia are able to apply for a new digital nomad visa from October 2022, which will allow them to stay in Colombia for up to two years and work remotely.

The rent for a one-bedroom apartment for six months is £1,818 (€2,087).

1. Ankara, Turkiye

It is the capital of Turkiye and the second largest city in the country after Istanbul. It is a sophisticated metropolis and an excellent gateway to the rest of the country with its breathtaking landscapes.

Turkiye does not have a special visa for digital nomads, but you can apply for a residence permit.

Six months rent in a one-bedroom apartment: £1,303 (€1,504).