10 TOP Cities To Live Under $2000 As A Digital Nomad

10 TOP Cities To Live Under $2000 As A Digital Nomad

Personal preferences are important, but so are financial considerations. Some people may have ski towns on their bucket list, while others may prefer surfing destinations. Aside from the adventure and learning opportunities, one of the main benefits of being a digital nomad is the chance to live more affordably than you would at home and accumulate savings for your goals.

Here are the ten places that cost less than two grand:

10. Lisbon, Portugal ($2,000)

One of only two European cities on the list with prices under $2,000 per month. According to the digital nomad community site Digital Nomads, the city offers “great value for money” compared to other European capitals and has delicious food, a vibrant startup ecosystem, and good surfing.

9. Cape Town, South Africa ($1,800)

Cape Town has it everything, from magnificent beaches to co-working spaces and cafes in plenty. It doesn’t harm that English is the official language.

8. Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain ($1,800)

The Canary Islands’ most appealing feature may be their year-round weather, but the relatively low cost of life is also appealing. Las Palmas is described as “friendly and relaxed” by Digital Nomads. The new digital nomad visa scheme in Spain should help with the logistics.

7. Tulum, Mexico ($1,800)

If you want to work from a tropical beach, Tulum can be a good option. With its easy access to the United States and relaxed atmosphere, the city attracts many digital nomads.

6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ($1,500)

Rio promotes itself with its world-famous beaches, the annual carnival, and renowned football (soccer) team. Despite the fact that Rio is notorious for its slums, Digital Nomads believes that the city “is safe for foreigners when staying in the right neighborhoods.”

5. Budapest, Hungary ($1,450)

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“If you want to experience Europe without breaking the bank, Budapest is a great choice,” says Digital Nomads, pointing out that you can get a Michelin-starred lunch for $30 in the picturesque Danube city. Try the thermal baths while you are there.

4. Bali, Indonesia ($1,200- $1,350)

For good reason, Bali is also overrun with digital nomads. The lush tropical island offers stunning scenery, a thriving population, and a reasonable cost of living. Bali has two places on the list: Ubud, a relaxing spot for nature lovers that costs $1,350 per month, and Canggu, a lively surf town with co-working spaces and other infrastructure for digital nomads. Canggu will cost you $1,200 per month.

3. Medellin, Colombia ($1,050) 

Another city with a poor image due to its history as a cartel hotspot. But, according to Digital Nomads, “Medellin has left its dark past behind,” and the city’s vibrant digital nomad scene is centered on the El Poblado district. 

2. Chiang Mai, Thailand ($950)

According to Digital Nomads, Chiang Mai “has been a digital nomad hub for years, and for good reason,” citing the city’s exceptional value for money and buzzing nightlife.

1. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ($950)

Digital Nomads believe that Vietnam’s unusually low cost of living “makes it especially attractive to digital nomad lifestyle beginners,” and the local food is “among the world’s best.”