What to bring to a bachelor party? – Ultimate STAG DO Plan & Ideas

From bare necessities to legendary pranks; your bachelor party (stag do) travel bag should pack it all!

Planning a stag do isn’t all about fun! You need to book the travel tickets, hotel stays, tickets for attractions and activities, and also make sure you pack them all in. A stag weekend is supposed to be full of adventure, fun, and wild experiences, so make sure you pack light.

There are a variety of things that you should not forget to pack, and similarly, a bunch that needs to be left behind. The right way to packing essentials is to know what they are. Read further to understand what needs to go in and what needs to be thrown out of the bag:

Stag Do Costumes – Funny bachelor ideas! For Man & Woman

From swimming costumes to fancy dress; be prepared for all the fun that may come your way. 

Simply! Crazy costumes have to take part in your bachelor party packing list. Renting a costume will be an unnecessary expense, so if it already planned, then why not keep it in your travel bag? Sounds reasonable, right?

Captain Hat (Amazon US, CANADA) 

Captain Hat (Amazon UK)

You definitely need this for at least a night! To take some fun pictures..

Cheerleader dress for bachelor party

cheerleader dress for bachelor party

Under Management T-shirt (US, UK, CAD, SP, IT, GE)

Partybob Stag Party Groom Costume

Superman Costume for Bachelor Party (US, CANADA)

Inflatable Penis Costume stag do costume ideasFunny Party Hats (US, CAD, UK)

Stag Do Party Vest (UK)stag do costume

Trip Itinerary

You are the best man, mate! It is your duty to ensure a flawless stag do. Keep the other lads in the loop to fix a comfortable budget and then plan the entire trip. What will happen to the next day if you have an even worse hangover than expected?

What will you do the next day? Isn’t it better to plan in advance to make sure the trip goes as smoothly as the party the previous night? Find out the attractions and fun-filled activities in those places and allocate a time & day to each one of them.

You can even book them beforehand to ensure the availability of all the experiences. Don’t forget to make copies and keep them in the top pocket of your travel bag.


The fact that you wish to pack light means fewer clothes whatsoever. So, a few pairs of socks, boxers, and shorts along with a variety of t-shirts and shirts. You can repeat your denim and trousers, so don’t pack one for each day.

Moreover, you have to be a fashion expert to mix and match whenever required. Pack one warm jacket and a suit if you think you might need one. The clothes can only be planned appropriately when your itinerary is finalized.


A pair of smart shoes, casual shoes, and formal shoes will be enough for a stag weekend trip. The art of making anything fashionable will make your packing comfortable and light.

Deck of cards and board games

This may come as a shock to you, but packing a deck of cards and some board games might be the best decision of your life because stag dos can be pretty tiring, which results in resting all day in your hotel rooms.

These will come in handy when you are getting bored during the day or after an all-night party when no one wants to sleep anymore.

Amazon bachelor party games bestsellers 

GET DRUNK card game
Precarious – Drinking Card Game

Mobile phone and charger

People don’t usually forget to pack their mobile phones, but keeping the plug charger and portable battery pack is what they often forget.

At first, it might not be an issue because one always leaves the hotel room with a 100% charge on their phones, but what about the night? When you are clicking pictures all day, won’t it drain out the battery? You cannot go back to your hotel room after every attraction you visit, so isn’t it better if you keep a portable pack in your backpack to avoid such situations? Think about it.

Money and cards

Keeping international bank cards is not advisable because it will spike up your budget, as there are massive charges on international usage.

Local bank cards and currency are advisable to avoid unnecessary charges.

Re-hydration packs

When you have already planned of getting wasted every night of the trip, then keep a box of rehydration sachets is the right way to go because it will not only keep your headaches at bay, it will also keep you energised and ready for another adventure planned the following day.

IDs and documents

DON’t FORGET! Your passport and all the other essential documents need to be on you at all times because not only is there a penalty if you get caught, but there are high chances of deportation.

In any case, why risk wasting hours with the authorities when you can party all day and night. Get a small fanny bag for such small items because it won’t take up much space and will also be convenient to carry around.

Toiletries and cosmetics

Purchasing an all-in-one shower gel is the right approach, i.e. shampoo, face wash and body wash. It will reduce your luggage space significantly. In addition to that, you should keep deodorants and an aftershave.

The most essential items in your kit are a toothbrush and paste. Other items that you can keep are wet wipes, moisturiser, sun-tan lotion (to avoid sunburns) and hand sanitiser.


Keeping a map of all the finalised locations is a wise decision. Although you must have a smartphone which is integrated with maps, what will you do when there is no network or when your battery has drained out?

A pocket-size map can be handy in such situations!

European Health Insurance Card

When the plan is finalized, apply for a European Health Insurance Card. It is a free card, and the benefits are quite amazing.

What will you do if you fall ill or get wounded during an adventure activity or something? This card will help you with the medical formalities and prevent unnecessary medical bills, which can be excessive at times.

Camera and memory cards

You cannot get the same picture clarity from a mobile phone as compared with a DSLR.

If you want to treasure your stag do memories in high-quality, then don’t forget to pack your camera and a few extra memory chips to avoid transferring data to your laptop every night.

Tickets and insurance details

Booking tickets and hotel stays in advance is wise because as already mentioned above, it ensures availability.

However, most often people forget to pack them which can be pretty devastating. Not only is it too expensive to buy another one, but the possibility of them being available is low as well. Keep such documents in your fanny bag to make sure you don’t forget them anywhere.


This is also important because you might not find the right medicines everywhere that you travel to.

If you have a specific medical condition, so it is always advisable to carry your drugs and required documentation to avoid issues at the airport. Apart from the particular medicines, keep a few bandages, painkillers, eye drops, and vitamin tablets, and have them on you at all times.

Partying all night and day do invite certain consequences, and its best to push them away wisely (hangovers, slips, and headaches). Shove the tablet in to shut that moaner out!

List of stag do dares

Make up a list of stag do activities and dares which can be performed at different locations on your stag weekend.

It can include anything; from drinking a full bottle of vodka in one go to dancing on the main road topless.

You have to be naughty and creative while planning these dares because you want them to be hilarious for you all while difficult and shaming to the one performing them.

Snacks and water

Keep a few protein bars, chips and a bottle of water in your backpack always to have something to fill yourself up.

It will also help you avoid spending huge amounts on local food when you don’t need to.

At times, you might find yourself in a deserted place with no access to food or water, what will you do then? It might increase your luggage weight, but it is worth it!

Single life send-off gift

As the best man, apart from planning the stag do, preparing best man speeches and being the support system of the groom, you need to give him a single life send-off gift also.

It should be something personal, customised and unique because he has been your best mate for years and he does deserve something special from you.

So, while he gave you the most important job of the wedding, you can gift him a signed copy of his favourite book, a special edition Mont Blanc pen or platinum dog tags. You know him the best, so gift him something that blows his mind off.

BONUS: some ideas for STAG DO trip 

Choice of the activity for stag party can be quite challenging but if you know your friends well enough, it won’t be an issue. Most of the guys fly to Barcelona, Budapest or Prague for the “last” and wildest party of the MAN! But there are also guys that prefer different kind of trips and get few drinks while doing them. Here are some ideas for your stag party:

  • Football match getaway – there are plenty of international games, such as qualifications for EURO or WorldCup, Nations Cup, etc. that can be seen in some exotic country along with awesome stag party.
  • Adventure Activities – take your mates for hiking, rafting, zip-lining or hunting. You will have an unforgettable experience (without hangovers).
  • Sailing trip – this can be a super relaxing experience with a lot of parties as well. You can hop different islands in Croatia, Greece or Italy and have the best time of your life!
  • Driving experiences – enjoy the adrenaline and riding with your mates on the circuit.
  • Road trip – rent a car and drive the coast around some foreign country. But make sure to not drink & drive.
  • Camping – Go out in nature, mountains and spend a great time with mates! Cook food, have drinks, sing and go on trips.
  • Surf trip – Are your mates into surfing? Go to some new exotic surfing destination, such as Morrocco or Canary Islands.
  • Festival – in the summer you find festivals all over Europe, why not to make one the best festivals your stag party!


If you have packed all the essential items mentioned above, then all you have to get excited for are the strip shows, nightclubs, and adventure activities.

Stag parties can get pretty wild, especially when they’re put together by www.stagweekends.co.uk, so make sure you only work with the best for your stag do. After all, it is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

As any experienced traveler will tell you that you can never be 100% prepared for every situation. So, tell us if you think any other item should be added to our list.

What else is left to say?

Ready! Stag! Go!

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If have any feedback, suggestions, or ideas on bachelor party planning or checklist and what to add to the article, feel free to comment below. We would appreciate it.