2 Weeks After U.S. Flights Expansion, Red Air’s Airplane Crash-Landed At Miami Airport

2 Weeks After U.S. Flights Expansion, Red Air Crash-Landed At Miami Airport

On Tuesday, a plane operating for Red Air arriving at the Miami International Airport crash-landed after its landing gear malfunctioned. It quickly caught fire, forcing 126 passengers to flee the airliner.

Fortunately, no passengers died, and only three were injured.

The airline released an official statement on Wednesday at 1 PM ET.

The injured passengers were taken to a hospital but needed only minor treatment. Other passengers were evacuated to a nearby terminal by bus.

Videos of the event show that some passengers managed to escape with their luggage.

However, safety guidelines at all airlines instruct passengers to resist the urge to grab luggage during an emergency; doing otherwise can delay evacuation, trap people in planes, and end lives.

The crash has led many people to express concerns about Red Air and its safety protocols.

Red Air is new to the U.S. The Dominican Republic-based airline started flying in the autumn of 2021.

Company leaders aim to provide low-cost flights to rival inexpensive U.S. airlines in the region. Currently, the airline is focused on bringing visitors to the Dominican Republic.

New Dominican Republic Red Air Airline Has Just Added 20 Weekly Flights To The U.S.

Red Air recently started running 20 U.S. flights per week. Its growth strategy will involve adding more bases throughout the year in the U.S., Central America, and South America.

The airline focuses on cities with close ties to Red Air’s native nation. Miami is nearby and has a large number of Dominican Americans, making it an obvious choice.

The crash landing involved an MD-82 plane from McDonnell Douglas, a company that Boeing purchased in 1997.