22 Companies Offering Remote Jobs with Salaries Over $100K Right Now

Companies Offering Remote Jobs with Salaries Over $100K Right Now

While positions that allow you to work from home are still in high demand among employees, businesses are reducing their remote work options.

According to new LinkedIn data, the share of remote jobs has dropped from 20% in February to 14% of all current job openings in September. However, the desire for flexible employment opportunities is on the rise, with 52% of applications to remote job postings received on LinkedIn in September, up from 50% in February.

FlexJobs, a member service for job seekers, has named the 22 companies with the most remote job openings, including full-time and part-time positions this fall to help people find the best remote jobs. FlexJobs compiled the list using more than 35,000 job openings posted to the site’s database between August and October 2022.

Without further ado, these are the top 22 companies hiring for remote jobs right now, according to FlexJobs:

  1. Affirm
  2. Alight
  3. Solutions
  4. BCD Travel
  5. Citizens
  6. Bank
  7. CVS
  8. Health
  9. DoorDash
  10. GitHub
  11. HubSpot
  12. Kraken
  13. Lincoln
  14. Financial Group
  15. Pearson
  16. Thermo
  17. Fisher Scientific
  18. Toast,
  19. Inc.
  20. Twilio
  21. UnitedHealth
  22. Group
girl working remotely by the pool

While not all companies on the list mention salary ranges in their job postings, some do, including HubSpot, CVS Health and UnitedHealth Group. Several of the open remote positions also offer competitive salaries of $100,000 or more.

For example, the salary range for a remote account executive on HubSpot’s sales team is between$134,000 and $144,000, while the salary range for a remote medical director at Aetna, a subsidiary of CVS Health, is between$141,500 and $302,500 annually. On the other hand, a remote mergers and acquisitions analyst at UnitedHealth Group, who works out of New York, can expect to earn between $72,800 and $129,900 annually.

Despite the fact that there are fewer remote job vacancies, Jennifer Shappley, LinkedIn’s vice president of global talent acquisition, anticipates that workers will continue to place a high value on flexibility. 

“Even facing an uncertain future, people still highly value two areas of work life that have gotten a lot of attention since the start of the pandemic: work-life balance, and flexible-work arrangements – including remote work,” Shappley said in LinkedIn’s report