6 Warm Weather Destinations For Digital Nomads Within the US Time Zones

6 Warm Weather Destinations For Digital Nomads Within the US Time Zones

Here are Wise’s top 6 suggestions for pleasant, sunny places that are great for digital nomads looking to escape the cold winter weather back home.

​Wise, a financial services company that helps digital nomads simplify the logistics of living abroad, only considered cities within one hour of the continental U.S. time zones when creating this list.

It then ranked the locations based on third-party data sources that evaluated factors such as weather, safety, cost of living and visa accessibility for digital nomads.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina’s vibrant capital has a long history, beautiful European architecture, an excellent restaurant and bar scene, and a wide selection of co-working spaces.

Despite recent price increases, Buenos Aires is still very affordable compared to other major cities.

Cali, Colombia

Cali, with its warm, sunny days, friendly residents, and abundance of apartments and hotels offering monthly rates, provides digital nomads with a good way to live for less. “This makes it a budget-friendly option for digital nomads who want to enjoy all that the city has to offer, including its spectacular neoclassical architecture and historic museums, without breaking the bank.”

San Jose, Costa Rica

The capital and largest city of Costa Rica has everything digital nomads are searching for, including excellent winter weather, lovely green spaces, and a wealth of co-working opportunities. “The cost of living is also very reasonable, and you can find apartments for rent at a fraction of the cost of what you might pay in major cities like New York or London, while still being able to get out and enjoy world-class museums, parks, and historic buildings,” says Wise.

Medellin, Colombia

Winter does not exist in the “City of Eternal Spring” Year-round temperatures in Medellin are in the 70s to 80s. In addition, the city offers a low cost of living, a large number of coworking spaces and a variety of museums, festivals and parks to visit.

Quito, Ecuador

The capital of Ecuador offers breathtaking Andes Mountain views, cheap living expenses, fast internet, and a thriving cultural and entertainment scene. Additionally, the mild winters make it a nice environment to work and spend time outside.

The US dollar is used as Ecuador’s national currency.

Mexico City, Mexico

Ciudad de Mexico (commonly known as CDMX), with a population of about 9 million, offers amenities for all kinds of digital nomads, including vibrant expat and nomad networks that help them feel at home.

“The weather is also perfect for spending time outdoors, and there are plenty of historic buildings, museums, and nature parks to explore, says Wise. “If you’re looking for a vibrant, culturally rich spot for both work and adventure this winter, Mexico City could be a great choice.