8 Amazing Hidden Gems To Visit In Italy In 2023

Amazing Hidden Gems To Visit In Italy In 2023

Italy will never let you down! These are the hidden gems of Italy that you should not miss, from charming small towns to breathtaking coastal landscapes!

Aosta Valley

The idyllic Aosta Valley in Italy is located near the Swiss and French borders. Although the ski season is the time when the area is most visited, summer is also a lovely time to visit. The breathtaking alpine scenery that surrounds the area borders the castles, which are built on cliffs. The region’s many biking and hiking trails, ideal for exploring on summer days, make the area a popular vacation destination.

Ostia Antica

The lack of people during the popular summer season will surprise you. The city is a gem in Italy worth seeing and is full of amazing ruins that will let your imagination run wild. Before visiting the modest museum to see some of the statues on site, stroll through the historic streets to see the magnificent theater of Ostia, which is still used for concerts.

Antholz Valley

South Tyrol

The Antholz Valley is a beautiful area in northern Italy, not far from the Austrian border. The valley is a real Italian gem for every outdoor enthusiast and is especially known for its Biathlon Center. The Antholz Valley is full of skiers enjoying the incredible mountain scenery, while in summer the hills are populated by hikers and nature enthusiasts.


The Italian beach village of Bogliasco is another beautiful but lesser known place. Due to its location on the west coast of Italy, Bogliasco enjoys a breathtaking view of the sea. You will be surrounded by lively Italian buildings and inviting cafés as you stroll through the town.


Trieste, located on a promontory on the border with Slovenia, is a delightful combination of ancient monuments, world-class museums and breathtaking sea views. Beautiful yachts line the harbor and Piazza Unita Italia is next to the water.


A small Italian village called Cornaiano is located on the South Tyrolean Wine Route, near the foothills of the Dolomites. The Italian countryside is crisscrossed by miles of hiking and biking trails that circle the small village. Visit Cornaiano for the numerous wineries and vineyards in the region.


Because of its well-known neighbor Portofino, the lively town of Camogli, located on the beautiful Italian Riviera, is frequently disregarded. The tall, lively houses that line the coastline highlight some stretches of beach and attract tourists from all over the world.

Saturnia Hot Springs


​Saturnia Hot Springs is a collection of many turquoise pools in the hills in the heart of Tuscany. The pools, made of travertine stone on the hillside, are formed by the naturally warm water that flows into them. The pools are constantly filled with 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit), which is the ideal temperature for relaxation.