8 Best Places To Visit In Illinois In The Fall Season 2023

8 Best Places To Visit In Illinois In The Fall Season 2023

There’s just something about the fall that provides a warm, fuzzy feeling. From the weather cooling off to the beautiful colors on the trees and foliage, nothing beats being able to take a walk and enjoy the scenery.

Illinois is known for its picturesque settings full of vibrant, fall colors among the trees. When searching for the best places to visit in Illinois during this time, there are lots of options. One of the best times to visit is during the second week of October when all the foliage is in full bloom.

Illinois is no stranger to beautiful scenery. With lush greenery that turns into many different hues of color during the fall, Illinois should be on everyone’s list to visit during this time of year. With cool, brisk, and breezy weather, walks in the park or cruising along in a boat offer the best views and moments to enjoy the scenery. Whether just visiting or looking for a local retreat, there are plenty of awe-inspiring places that fit the bill.

Beautiful colors of yellow, red, brown, green, and other hues work together to create a fantasy-like fairytale setting. Here are 8 of the best places to visit to make lots of memories:

Morton Arboretum

What’s better than an arboretum filled with orange, yellow, and burgundy trees and foliage? This venue offers panoramic views of Meadow Lake and the Midwest Collection. There are a variety of trees, including Ginkgo, East Wood, maple, and oak. Visitors must go to the top of Frost Hill to take a look at the grounds and lake.

Allerton Park and Retreat Center

Image Source: familyrambling.com (Exploring Midwest Podcast)

This picturesque area was designed in 1900 with hundreds of old oak trees and evergreens along historical properties. The Mansion and The Evergreen Lodge are part of this area with formal gardens, walking trails to see the colorful vibrancy of the trees and natural prairie. One of the highlights of this venue is the historic bridge entrance surrounded by massive trees.

Anderson Japanese Gardens

One of the most beautiful Japanese gardens in North America, visitors can enjoy 12 acres of waterfalls, koi-filled ponds, soothing streams, and a sense of tranquility. This is a good place to go see the beautiful colors and clear the mind.

Chicago Botanic Garden

This special place in Chicago has over 40,000 trees on display in different hues. Visitors can take a scenic walk along the garden or view the entire garden at the Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Plant Conservation Science Center.

Millenium Park and Lurie Garden

Visiting downtown has more than just shops and things to do. When searching for beautiful, scenic areas that display fall foliage, this is one of the most popular places to do it. The leaves changing colors in such a vibrant fashion makes this area at the top of the to-do list. With native flowering plants and plenty of trees near the Cloud Gate, this breathtaking experience must be done in person. Romance is in the air, and the dual courtyards at the Art Institute of Chicago create the perfect setting.

Galena River Trail

Bike riders get to see the entire landscape of this scenic trail which spans 8.8 miles. For those wanting to take a water excursion, these breathtaking views can be seen by kayak. The Buehler Preserve is another area that provides scenic views, or riding the Mississippi River Explorer Cruise shows a different aspect that’s just as beautiful.

Starved Rock State Park

13 miles of walking and hiking trails await with tons of fall colors. One of the most beautiful aspects of this area are the waterfalls, different types of trees, and sandstone bluffs. Visitors can take a guided tour so they won’t miss anything, or ride on a boat to go along the river. Ottawa Canyon and Council Overhang are great ways to enjoy the beauty.

Grandview Drive

There are 2.52 miles of absolute splendor on Grandview Drive, also known as the world’s most beautiful drive according to Theodore Roosevelt. This has some truth, as it’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places. From the moment entering the area, it’s nothing but a beautiful colorscape of historical homes and trees along the Illinois River. Boat tours on the Spirit of Peoria add to the intrigue and beauty of the area.