8 Great Weekend Getaways In New Jersey For Summer 2023

8 Great Weekend Getaways In New Jersey For Summer 2023

With summer in full swing, everyone is looking for the best ways to exploit the weather and enjoy the atmosphere.

New Jersey is known for outdoor beauty, long beaches, and plenty of fun things to do. If you would like to enjoy a weekend getaway in the state, there are a handful of spots that might be just what you need.

Cape May

Cape May is another location with a gentle, relaxed atmosphere, but this particular area caters to the romantic weekend. Anyone looking to get away with a partner for a special time can enjoy the bread and breakfast environment in Cape May.

When looking for some activities for the weekend, whale watching and a walk through the historic district both do well. You can also spend time by the ocean.

Atlantic City

Everyone knows about Atlantic City, but it makes for a great summer getaway because it has so much to offer. From luxury hotels to beaches and boardwalks, there is more to do in Atlantic City than just about anywhere else in the state.

For those considering a first-time visit, keep in mind the marina district and The Walk downtown for some non-casino, family fun.


For a weekend that is practically the opposite of a trip to Atlantic City, consider Hammonton. It’s considered the blueberry capital of the world. The small-town feel is comfortable, relaxed, and ideal for a peaceful weekend.

For a little adult fun, you can tour any number of wineries and vineyards. For everyone, the fine art museum and golf courses offer a great way to spend a weekend. If you want a little more adventure, enjoy the paintball park, or go have some natural fun at the lake.

Ocean Grove

Ocean Grove is another beach town in the Garden State that is known for its easy-going style. While this is another great place to relax and have a gentle weekend, there is a notable difference here. The entire town is dry, meaning no alcohol is sold anywhere within the limits.

For anyone looking for such a weekend, this is the best place in the state. It’s perfect for wholesome family fun.

Seaside Heights

Seaside Heights

Seaside Heights is one of the top locations for a beach-themed getaway. The boardwalk and amusement park have rides and amenities you might expect from such a spot, and it caters to that idea perfectly. Visitors can play games, enjoy fair fares, and bask in the essence of a summer getaway.

Also, it’s right on the water, making it great for seaside activities.


Changing things up a bit, Vernon is not near the ocean. Instead, it’s right on the New York border, and this small town is known for its gorgeous parks. In fact, it’s one of the few places where you can enjoy snow skiing in New Jersey.

For summer fun, the water park is a great option, especially on hot days. The town is filled with cozy restaurants and local shopping as well.


If you don’t want to completely abandon the urban environments of New Jersey, Morristown is virtually the epitome of suburban. It’s known for gourmet treats that will delight the senses. You can try out famous burgers and other foods that draw crowds every year.

They even have regular walking and beer-tasting tours, making this the ideal spot for a gourmand getaway. 

Delaware Water Gap

Last on the list is the National Recreation Area known as the Delaware Water Gap. If you’re looking for outdoor adventures that aren’t on a beach, this is a great spot. You can hike, explore, and even swim in the river. Camping is available but only during certain times and slots fill up quickly. If you want to spend the night in the Water Gap, plan ahead. Otherwise, it makes for a fun day trip.