8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Albania This Summer

8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Albania This Summer

Albania is a must-see travel destination for families and individuals in 2023. This Balkan country of just over two million residents boasts at least eight good reasons to visit, including UNESCO sites, delectable cuisine, breathtaking beaches and the awe-inspiring Alps.

1. The Beaches

Albania has some of the best beaches in the entirety of Europe. Here, weary travelers can kick back and feel the sand between their toes while they gaze up at the blue Albanian sky.

Tourists have their pick of sandy or pebbled beaches because Albania has both kinds. The beach adventure begins after the Liogara Pass.  It then extends along the Albanian Riviera in Ksamil.

2. The Museums

Without a doubt, Tirana, the capital city of Albania, pulsates with the vibrant energy typical of the Balkan capitals and boasts a multitude of fascinating museums and art spaces that should be on everyone’s Albanian sightseeing bucket list.

High on the agenda is Bunk’Art, a clandestine bunker nestled on the periphery of Tirana, now repurposed into an intriguing museum. In the heart of the city, other notable locations include Bunk’Art2, a poignant tribute to those who suffered under the Communist regime, and the House of Leaves, which once served as the nerve center for Dictator Hoxha’s clandestine police.

3. The Food

It’s almost impossible to find authentic Albanian food anywhere but here. Albanian cuisine includes tasty things like locally-grown olives, pita, Byrek, handcrafted cheese and more.

There are many places that serve street food and tapas-style, but also plenty of sit-down eateries in places like Oda, Padam, Mullixhiu and more. Be prepared to sample foods all day long because the street vendors make it hard to resist.

4. The Coffee

Coffee lovers can delight in the quality of the coffee in Albania. Here, children drink coffee alongside adults.

Coffee is ingrained into Albanian culture, and the natives drink it with every meal. There’s a plethora of cafes in every city in Albania, particularly Tirana, where the locals can be found sitting outside and nursing their coffees and socializing.

5. The Alps

The Albanian Alps, also known as the Accursed Mountains, offer an awe-inspiring spectacle of rugged landscapes in Albania. Renowned for their spectacular vistas, they’re a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts with opportunities for hiking, mountain climbing, and wildlife spotting.

These peaks are interlaced with vibrant mountain villages, where age-old traditions still thrive, adding cultural richness to the region. A journey here is a step back in time and an embrace of Albania’s untouched, breathtaking wilderness.

6. The Friendliness

Unlike some foreign cultures, the Albanian culture is warm and inviting to visitors. Albanians are recognized as being one of the friendliest in the entire world.

Don’t hesitate to engage with the locals, whether you need directions to a good restaurant, or you have questions about some sightseeing location you’re thinking of visiting. The Albanian people are just as curious about you as you are of them, and they’re happy to converse with tourists.

7. The UNESCO and Archeological Attractions

Albania is home to some of the most interesting archeological wonders as well as the site of many UNESCO wonders of the world. Certain towns should not be missed, such as Apollonia, Butrint and more. You’ll be able to wander among ancient castles and ruins and really get a sense of Albania’s historical past.

Be sure to visit the fairytale-esque hamlets of Korca, Berat and Gijrokaster, too, for an enchanting experience that you’ll always remember. The best part of it all is that you won’t encounter lots of crowds as you do in other major cities in the world.

8. Affordable

Traveling after Covid are has become way more expensive. Prices of hotels and food skyrocketed in tourist destinations in Europe such as Croatia, Italy or Greece. As Albania’s tourist isn’t as high and spoiled, the country remains still one of the most affordable places to visit in Europe.