8 Upscale Hotel Amenities Travelers Will Always Want

Hotels these days are offering more and more upscale amenities to attract guests. Some of these are luxury amenities are designed to be memorable and get guests talking. Other amenities are more basic, but an upscale spin on a basic amenity is always appreciated by guests.

There are certain hotel amenities that a traveler will always want, and it’s smart to check a hotel website for information on what they offer and don’t offer, especially before you book. Certain features or conveniences might be more important to you than others. For example, it might be very important to you that the hotel you stay at has an outdoor pool, 24-hour room service, and large tub in your room. Here are 8 upscale hotel amenities most travelers always want their hotel to offer:

24-Hour Room Service

Not every hotel offers 24-hour room service, as many hotels cut off room service as early as 10:00pm. This doesn’t work well for night owls, who stay up late and might want to order food to their room quite late. While some people consider it strange to eat a meal after midnight, for others this is very normal. Some hotels offer a very limited menu called a “late night menu” which doesn’t help the situation that much. The best room service amenity possible is 24-hour room service with a full-sized menu available, no matter what time of day it is.

Free Gourmet Breakfast

A gourmet breakfast, such as a quality buffet breakfast, is included in the room rate at some luxury hotels. This is a much better amenity than the basic continental breakfast, which doesn’t exactly get you excited to get out of bed in the morning. If a great breakfast is included in your room rate, that’s an amenity to get out of bed for.

Bedside Controls

Certain upscale hotels have convenient bedside controls that allow you to control almost anything from bed. These bedside controls allow you to control the lighting in your room, from complete blackout to all lights on. Some hotels even upgrade this amenity to include bedside controls for the telephone (ringer on or off), the TV (on or off) and the housekeeping service (privacy on or service request).

Smart TV

Any hotel that has rooms with regular TVs instead of a Smart TV is behind the times. A Smart TV allows you to watch Netflix, YouTube, and has other Media options that regular TVs don’t have. Some luxury hotels even have an Apple TV available at no extra charge, for any hotel guest that requests it.


An upscale amenity that we can’t forget about is a great view. Not every hotel has a great view to offer, which is why a hotel that can offer a view from the suite is considered a luxury amenity. Some hotels have incredible ocean and beach views, some hotels have stunning city views, and some hotels even have views of iconic landmarks. It adds that X-factor to be able to wake up to a view, and come home to a view, which is why this amenity is so appreciated.

Trendy Lobby Bar

If your hotel has a trendy lobby bar or a chic rooftop bar, that’s an amenity to remember. If your hotel bar is so trendy that people who aren’t even hotel guests are coming to have a cocktail there, that means you’re in the right place. You chose a hot-spot as your hotel, and that’s a great feeling.

Outdoor Swimming Pool with Poolside Service

Any hotel that has an upscale outdoor pool with premium poolside service is highly regarded. Many guests have a hard time finding a hotel with these amenities, especially in certain areas. You expect the pool at your luxury hotel to have luxury lounge chairs, quality umbrellas and premium poolside service. Premium poolside service includes complimentary sunscreen, complimentary cucumber water, and a full drink and food menu available.

Premium Bedding

Lastly, let’s not ever underrate the importance of a good bed to sleep in. A fine amenity at any hotel, that any traveler would want, is a great bed. That means a luxury pillowtop mattress, and premium bedding of the softest and finest quality. The pillows should feel like sleeping on a cloud, and the comfort should be much more luxurious than your bed at home, because that makes the entire experience.