Planning a trip to Israel is the beginning of an unforgettable visit to the holy desert land. Though it is a small country, it is one of the most exciting and diverse travel destinations in the world. Before you book your Israel flight, you will want to take a simple run-through of the important resources and reminders, particularly if you are traveling for the first time to Israel. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you with your planning, safe travel, and have memorable experiences in Israel.

Before you go…

Always remember Israel is a country of hummus

You may not expect a dip to be healthy. However, hummus is healthy and comes from this small country. Nearly with every meal, you will get a plate of hummus as a starter or even main dish. There is a popular Instagram account known as Hot Dudes and Hummus. You may want to check it out before your trip to Israel to get an idea of what to expect.

Sharing food is common too

Your trip to Israel won’t be complete unless you try 281 dishes in a week. If you are a big fan of nine small plates on the table and perhaps dipping your vegetable or bread in each of them, then, you are likely to enjoy food sharing in Israel. People here love to share meals and expect them to order lots of things and perhaps try everything.

No Uber, think of Gett Taxi

Unlike other countries with Uber services, this service doesn’t exist in Israel. Instead, travelers can use the Gett Taxi app. This is way cheaper than the common taxis and is the most recommended way to around in Tel Aviv. If you must travel for long distances while in Israel, consider using buses and trains.

Trip Preparation

Despite its small size, Israel gets millions of tourists annually to explore the ancient landmarks, the breathtaking vistas, culture, and other interesting things about this country. If you intend to visit this country, here are important trip preparation tips.

Determine the right time to go: Generally, Israel’s climate varies significantly from one season to another and region to region. So, it is wise to keep an eye on the news and weather trends in the time leading up your travel.

Find out more about the entry requirement that pertains to your nationality: If you don’t have a passport, you should acquire one or renew it if it is due to expire within a couple of months. Get to know all other entry requirements and make sure you have the right travel documents.

Decide if you need a tour guide or you wish to explore the country on your own: Israel has so many places to visit. That means you might find it challenging to arrange tours and transportation in case you are not familiar with the region. Therefore, it is recommended to get in touch with a tour guide before traveling.

Plan your itinerary: It is a great idea to create a basic outline of the places you wish to visit and the things you would like to do. However, if you are a spontaneous traveler, you may not need an itinerary.

Book your flight: Once you are absolutely sure that you have everything you need for your trip, it is time to book your Israel flight.

Pack thoughtfully: It is recommended to pack plenty of modest dress and also consider the weather. Also, keep in mind that you are likely to visit many religious places such as temples, synagogues, shrines, and mosques. Some of these places may require a specific dress code.

Be prepared fully: Always pack thoughtfully, use common sense, and plan well in advance. This is a good way of ensuring that you have a meaningful and memorable trip.

During your holiday in Israel…

Choose the right accommodation

It is recommended to choose and book accommodation before your flight. Check out various guides to the cost-effective accommodation services such as boutique hotels, bed & breakfast, and other options. You can also consult with your tour guide to find great and affordable accommodation options.


Make the most out each trip by making travel arrangements in advance and working with the right tour guide. Check out different tours in Tel Aviv, Petra, Jerusalem, North Israel, Dead Sea, Negev Desert, and more. Israel is a great nation with lots of things to offer both local and international travelers.


You may also want to book some shows, cool concerts, and even music festivals during your stay in Israel. Check different event platform, and if you notice an interesting event, consider booking in advance. Remember, there is always something interesting for everyone, including cool concerts, cultural highlights, and parties.

List down the top things you want to do

While Israel is a small country, you may need several months to successfully visit all the interesting areas. Since you may not have all the time you need to do so, it is recommended to create an itinerary and list down the things you may want to do. Remember, have a good schedule will help you achieve all your travel objectives.

Don’t forget the sunny beaches

Your trip to Israel may be incomplete unless you visit the sunny beach. Note that there are many beaches in Tel Aviv and you may want to visit just a few and probably take a few photographs.