A New Airport Is Opening In Tulum Soon – What To Know

A New Airport Is Opening in Tulum Soon - What To Know

The imminent opening of the new Felipe Carrillo International Airport in Tulum is expected to lead to a significant increase in the number of visitors to this popular destination on the Riviera Maya.

The new airport, according to Quintana Roo Governor Mara Lezama Espinosa, is a “magnificent opportunity to discover the wonders of the Maya World.”

Here we present 5 things that you want to take into account when flying through this airport.

The new airport will be able to accommodate up to 5.5 million passengers annually.

Brigadier General Gustavo Ricardo Vallejo Suárez, the project’s manager, predicted that the new airport “will have the capacity to serve 5.5 million passengers and up to 32,000 annual operations.”

It is expected that up to 75% of arrivals will come from abroad, which will make it the second-largest airport on the Yucatán Peninsula, according to the Ministry of Defense (Sedena).

It is close to Tulum’s center

It takes only a short drive to get to Tulum from the new airport, which is located only about 25 kilometers southwest of the center of town. Cancun, which has the second-busiest airport in the nation, is 130 kilometers away. 

A direct connection to the Maya Train will be available

The Tulum airport will be linked to the (future) Maya Train through a dedicated station located on-site. Both ventures are managed by Sedena as part of its Olmeca-Maya-Mexica consortium, which also oversees operations at Mexico City’s Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA).

The airport is expected to open in December as the development process proceeds apace

Tulum Airport, which spans 1,500 hectares, is reportedly 65% complete and scheduled to open in December, according to Governor Lezama, who was present at the construction site during López Obrador’s last visit.

She went on to say that construction of the new airport has created nearly 14,690 jobs.

Aeroméxico, Viva Aerobus, and Mexicana are all scheduled to operate flights departing from the airport.

In December, low-cost airline Viva Aerobus will begin operating additional flights from Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Tijuana to Tulum.

AeroMéxico declared that flights to Tulum will begin December 1. It also stated that it would be the first carrier to fly from Tulum to the United States.

By the end of the year, the brand-new state-run airline Mexicana is expected to begin using Tulum Airport as a hub.