About Us

Hello! We are a dynamic team of travel enthusiasts, digital nomads, and experienced journalists united by our passion for exploration and freedom.

As digital nomads and expats, we make the world our home, residing in global hotspots such as Los Angeles, Barcelona, Lisbon, Prague, Playa del Carmen (Mexico), and Bali.

Driven by our mission to inform and inspire, we strive to keep travelers well-informed with the latest travel news while sparking their curiosity with exciting new destinations, upcoming travel trends, and the charm of off-beaten paths.

The Story of Traveling Lifestyle

Viktor Vincej, Founder of Traveling Lifestyle

The journey of Traveling Lifestyle began in 2011, during my university days in Slovakia. I was 22 years old when I started traveling and I was very passionate about the upcoming social media trends and digital marketing. It was then that I laid the foundation and came up with the brand name ‘Traveling Lifestyle’.

Shortly after, I created the first ‘Traveling Lifestyle’ profiles across various social media platforms to be able to share my travel moments.

Traveling Lifestyle Twitter Account

A few years later, when I embarked on my 2nd around-world trip with one of my best friends, we launched the Traveling Lifestyle website and started sharing backpacking tips and stories for our friends and travelers.

As time passed, Traveling Lifestyle became more than just a small blog and the team started growing. In 2019, we shifted from blogging to news publishing and started focusing on our favorite niches such as the digital nomad lifestyle, remote work, hidden gems, safe travel, etc.

Today, Traveling Lifestyle is shaping the future of travel journalism and continues delivering daily news articles to a global audience of travelers.

Attracting nearly 1 million visitors monthly, our website stands as a trusted resource for the latest travel trends, advice, and insights.

Dedicated to both inspiring and educating our expanding readership, we’re passionate about transforming travel dreams into a reality.

Our Team

Editor & Writer

I've been living as a digital nomad for 10 years. I'm from Slovakia but live between the World & Barcelona. I've visited 89 countries so far and don't see myself stopping anytime soon. I love writing and publishing content for digital nomads, remote workers, and passionate travelers like you.

Chief Writer

Digital Content Manager & Editor - Traveling and working from trendy coworking spaces since 2015. Digital Content Wizard at Traveling Lifestyle.

Writer & Journalist

A realistic dreamer and discoverer with Czech artistic roots. She's an MA Creative Writing graduate and a writer at Traveling Lifestyle.

Writer & Editor & Fact-checker

Hi, I'm Luka, a writer at Traveling Lifestyle and a passionate travel vagabond. I live as a digital nomad and spend a lot of time in Bali and Mexico. I'm on a mission to inspire 100000 people to become digital nomads and remote workers. Stay tuned!


Becky Gillespie is a travel writer, podcaster, and author of “Shimokitazawa: A Tokyo Beginner’s Guide to the World’s Most Walkable Neighborhood.” She lived in Tokyo for 13 years and has been a resident of Lisbon since 2020. Becky is a foodie who loves discovering off-the-beaten-path places. She writes for Portugal.com and TokyoBecky.com.

Writer & Journalist

Tony Timmons writes about travel from his home base in Las Vegas. A future digital nomad who obtained his Italian citizenship by descent in 2019, he plans to spend time exploring Latin America, the EU and beyond in the next few years.

Writer & Journalist

Following being published on Fast Company as well as Wired Innovations Insights, Jarone expanded his writing portfolio to cover luxury travel, goods, unique experiences along with restaurants and lifestyle articles for numerous websites. From luxury hotels, all-inclusive resorts and VIP experiences, Jarone has written about exclusive properties only offered to the discerning traveler and consumer. Jarone is a native to Los Angeles and spends his free time traveling, playing sports and is always up for an adventure.

Writer & Journalist

Amanda Morgan is a travel writer with a heart full of wanderlust. She spent her childhood splitting time between the lush jungles of Costa Rica and the United States. Before transitioning to writing full-time, Amanda worked as a globetrotting flight attendant for seven years. Now, she's writing a book for solo female travelers, working remotely, and soaking up the perks of digital nomad life. When she isn't traveling, you'll likely find her by the river, hanging out with her dog, or hunting for vintage treasures.


Nathan is a professional content writer and remote digital nomad. He's married to his awesome wife, Emilie, who runs their travel blog with their two young kids, Noah and Samuel. When Nathan isn't writing, he's reading digital marketing blogs, working out with his kids, or looking for new places to explore.