TOP 10 Affordable International Spring Break Destinations For Americans In 2023

Affordable International Spring Break Destinations For Americans

For many spring break destinations, such as Cancun, Hawaii, or the Caribbean, March and April are the peak seasons. For those searching for more affordable options, many are exploring international destinations during the “shoulder season”, with lower rates and fewer crowds. This spring break, check out these fabulous off-season spring break destinations.

Mykonos, Greece

While Mykonos’ high season is during the summer months, March and April are also wonderful months to visit this lively Greek island. According to Expedia, travelers can save up to 65% on flights to Mykonos during the spring. Explore the historic sites, take in the coastline views, and experience world-class cuisine for less during Mykonos’ off-season.


From world-class beaches to authentic Thai cuisine, there are few places as enchanting as Thailand. Since popular destinations, such as Bangkok and Phuket are hot and humid during the spring, travelers can save anywhere from 20 – 50% on their flights, according to Expedia. Experience the splendor of Thailand at a great price this spring.

Stockholm, Sweden

While Stockholm does not have sandy beaches or hot weather, this chic European city is a phenomenal spring break destination. With waterfront promenades, chic cafes, and stunning architecture, Stockholm is truly inspiring. While Sweden’s high season is during the summer, travelers can save up to 25% on Stockholm flights, according to Expedia. Take in the rich culture of this sophisticated European city this spring.


Sydney australia

From its iconic opera house to its sandy beaches, a trip to Sydney is a bucket-list item for many travelers. Yet a trip to the Land Down Under can be very pricey. Travelers who visit Sydney during the off-season can see savings of up to 20% on international flights, according to Expedia. Book a trip to Australia and learn to surf this spring break.

Cork, Ireland

From the historic Blarney Castle & Gardens to the stunning coastlines, Cork, Ireland is truly enchanting. And while the summer is the peak travel season, there’s no better time to visit than during the spring. According to Expedia, flight prices are reduced up to 20% during the off-season. So take a drive on the Old Head of Kinsale Loop for a once-in-a-lifetime road trip.

Auckland, New Zealand

With great weather, fewer crowds, and spectacular sites, there is no better time to visit New Zealand’s capital city than during the spring. Discover the city’s rich culture, diverse food scene, and stunning scenery–all for up to 15% off for international flights. Go on a whale safari, stargaze, or visit world-famous wineries. The possibilities are endless in Auckland.

Budapest, Hungary

From its world-famous bath houses to its inspiring architecture, few places capture the imagination quite like Budapest. And with fewer crowds than during the summer, there’s no better time to visit than the spring. Travelers see savings, starting at 5% when booking a spring break trip to Budapest, Hungary. Rejuvenate the senses while exploring this iconic city.

Edinburgh, Scotland


Stunning castles, rich history, and buzz-worthy nightlife–there is so much to love about Edinburgh, Scotland. With flight prices down 5% during the off-season, there is no better time to visit this historic city. Explore the Royal Mile of Edinburgh’s Old Town or climb to the top of Edinburgh Castle. This Scottish cultural hub is a must-see.


What’s better than spring break in Cancun? How about a spring break in the City of Love? From its stunning architecture to its unparalleled museums and cafes, there is no place quite like Paris. And there’s no better time to visit this romantic city than the spring. Travelers can save big and enjoy a world-class city this spring break.

Lisbon, Portugal

Vibrant and visually stunning, Lisbon, Portugal has become the travel darling in recent years. This historic city boasts breathtaking architecture, beautiful scenery, spectacular food, and a lively nightlife with more than 100 bars in Bairro Alto. Visiting Portugal is at its most affordable during the spring, with hotels starting at $127 per night.