After Successful Madeira Digital Nomad Village, NomadX Expands To 4 New Locations

After Successful Madeira Digital Nomad Village, NomadX Expands To 4 New Locations

NomadX has operated a digital nomad village in Ponta do Sol, Portugal, on an island in the Atlantic Ocean for a year and a half, and it has experienced enough success to warrant expanding to four more locations. Those will be in Braunwald and Liddes, Switzerland, Mindelo, Cape Verde, and Tibau do Sul, Brazil.

The location in Portugal is situated in Madeira, 600 miles to the southwest of Lisbon. About 1,200 people are a part of this community at any given time. Those residents are increasingly becoming a part of the local community – i.e. not completely keeping to themselves as many here had been before.

Digital nomads looking for a place that offers enviable summer weather and a significant amount of snow during the winter will not be disappointed by the two Swiss communities on this list, which are situated about 225 miles from each other. Those here will be involved in partnerships with nearby coliving habitats.

Cape Verde digital nomad village
Cape Verde

Mindelo is similar to Ponta do Sol in that both are cities located in archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean with the Cape Verdean one situated about 1,200 miles to the southwest of the other. NomadX will offer all-inclusive packages at its Mindelo location.

Brazil To Open First Digital Nomad Village In South America
Pipa, Brazil

Tibau do Sul is better known as the home of Pipa Beach, which is in northeast Brazil and offers warm weather conditions throughout the year to go with its beach culture.

NomadX’s focus here is more so on bringing digital nomads together but not through its own residential offerings.