Airbnb Data Reveals TOP 10 Trending Summer Travel Destinations

Airbnb Data Reveals TOP 10 Trending Summer Travel Destinations

The 2023 summer travel season is set to make a remarkable comeback. As per a Forbes survey, about 49% of people are gearing up for memorable vacations.

This year, Airbnb’s top 10 trending destinations promise a diverse array of experiences that will ignite your travel desires.

Grindelwald: Switzerland’s Alpine Wonderland

Tucked 120 miles from Zurich, Grindelwald presents a mesmerizing spectacle of mountains and scenic vistas. It’s a haven for adventurers with attractions like Jungfraujoch, Europe’s highest railway station. The Gletscherschlucht Gorge adds another layer of wonder with its waterfalls and elevated walkways. 

Grindelwald is best visited from June to September, when the weather is pleasant. Winters are cold, windy and snowy — only come here then if you have skis.

Marrakesh: Morocco’s Cultural Oasis

Marrakesh, teeming with vibrant local culture, offers an immersive Moroccan experience. From bustling bazaars and rich traditional foods, to desert camel rides and spectacular architecture, the city packs a punch. You can experience true luxury at the resorts that abut royal palaces. Don’t neglect to leave the city for a short time on a traditional riad, though. 

The city of Marrakesh is at its prime between March-April and September-November.

Rouen: France’s Historical Marvel

A quick train ride from Paris, Rouen is a historical treasure with stunning Gothic architecture. Major tourist spots include the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rouen and the Palais de Justice.

Rouen’s charm lies in its ability to transport you back in time. Visit between June and August to enjoy the city at its best.

Rome: Italy’s Eternal City

Rome, the Eternal City, lures visitors with its historical grandeur and architectural wonders. The Pantheon, the Colosseum, and the Vatican stand testament to the capital’s rich past. Rome’s allure is year-round, thanks to its pleasant weather and always-interesting places.

Louisville: USA’s Culinary Delight

Home to the iconic Kentucky Derby, Louisville also boasts being one of the top 10 foodie cities in the U.S. The city’s bourbon distilleries also add a unique twist to the experience. 

L’ville (pronounced as a single syllable) bursts into life during the Kentucky Derby, held in early May each year. Come any other time if you want to avoid the crowds.

Gotland: Sweden’s Medieval Relic

Gotland, specifically its main town Visby, whisks you back to the Viking era. This UNESCO World Heritage site, with the 13th-century Visby City Wall, has been preserved in time. Summers are the best time to visit Gotland, when the weather is comfortable and local establishments are bustling.

London: U.K.’s Cosmopolitan Capital


London, with its signature double-decker buses and historic sites, offers a diverse travel experience. The changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, the Tower Bridge, and the Trafalgar Square are among the must-sees, many of which one of those iconic double-deckers will take you to. 

England’s epicenter is always culturally dynamic and often drizzly. Stop over during the summer for the most outdoor activity, though.

Barcelona: Spain’s Mediterranean Gem

Barcelona is a city of vibrancy and warmth. Renowned for its Mediterranean atmosphere, delectable cuisine, and iconic landmarks like the Picasso Museum and La Boqueria Market, Barcelona captures hearts. It’s best explored during April, May, September, and October when it is less crowded and the weather is cooler.

Ksamil: Albania’s Beach Paradise

Ksamil is a true paradise for beach bums on vacation. The town boasts crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches that are perfect for sunbathing, snorkeling, and diving. Summer in Ksamil is a season of beach-side bliss, offering the best weather for all manner of sun-filled activities. Don’t be surprised if you consider moving here year-rough, however.