Algeria Is A Country To Visit While It’s Still A Hidden Gem

As one of the hardest countries to enter, Algeria is a worthwhile country to visit. The country is around the size of Alaska and Texas combined, giving visitors plenty of sights to see.

Algeria also has a rich history. It’s home to 1.8-million-year-old stone artifacts.

Numidians, Byzantines, and Romans are just some of the cultures that inhabited the land.

Between 1830 and 1962, the country was part of France’s empire. Algerians fought an 80-year war against France to reclaim their independence. Therefore, French colonial influence in architecture is notable all over the country.

Over the course of the war, approximately 400,000 to 1 million lives were lost.

A civil war broke out in the 1990s. By 2019, the people replaced the former Abdelaziz Bouteflika administration.

The top cities to visit in Algeria include Ghardaia and Oran.

Oran City

Djemila and Timgad, Ancient Roman outposts, are prime areas to visit as well. These outposts are two of the most well-preserved archaeological sites in North Africa.

Septimian Temple at the Djemila archeological site in Algeria

Ghardaia is the ancestral home of Mozabites, and some of the hotels and mosques in Ghardaia are still made of plaster. Other charming characteristics of the city are stone walkways between the houses, serried rooftops and an open-roofed watchtower.

Ghardaia City
Constantine City
Constantine City

Walk across breathtaking bridges that connect Constantine to the mountains. Sidi M’Cid, in particular, is a must-walk bridge because it’s the highest in Constantine.

Foodies will love trying the restaurants and cafes along the boulevard in Oran. Visitors also enjoy the majestic views of the coast and its surrounding cliffs.

Sahara Desert, Hoggar mountains

On another side, Algeria is home to many natural wonders and different climates. From desert, mountains, seaside, and greenery. The most popular natural sights to visit are the Hoggar mountains, Canyon Ghoufi, and sand dunes of Sahara desert.

Sand dunes in Sahara
Canyon Ghoufi
Canyon Ghoufi