Allianz Reveals 8 Most Popular Spring Break Travel Destinations In 2023

Allianz Reveals 8 Most Popular Spring Break Travel Destinations

The Top 8 Spring Break Destinations report from Allianz Partners, an award-winning travel insurance and assistance provider, has been released.

More than 2.6 million travel itineraries were studied to determine the most popular destinations for Spring Break this year.

Here are the top eight local and international travel destinations right now.

National Destinations 

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

The charm of Las Vegas is undeniable, and the desert climate certainly does not hurt. In recent years, the city has worked very hard to increase the variety of experiences it can offer its guests. These include a never-ending array of casinos and sportsbooks, excellent restaurants, world-class shopping, and world-class acts and artists.

3. New York, New York

In 2023, New York City continues its post-pandemic rise on the national list of top spring break destinations, moving up three spots to third. The city has long had a unique set of renowned attractions, but the resurgence of major live events has contributed to its rise in popularity.

2. Phoenix, Arizona

Naturally, in springtime, travelers from all over the country flock to the Valley of the Sun. At this time of year, Phoenix’s warm weather and outdoor attractions like Camelback Mountain and Papago Park are perfect. Before heading out to see interesting places like Scottsdale, Tempe and Gilbert, tourists will also find a vibrant culinary and artistic scene downtown.

1. Orlando, Florida

In 2023, Orlando will continue to hold the title as the most popular spring break destination in the country. Orlando has ranked first on Allianz Partners’ list of Top 8 Spring Break Destinations for eight consecutive years. The country’s most popular family-friendly attractions can be found in “The Theme Park Capital of the World,” which also offers comfortable temperatures for visitors looking to escape winter.

International Destinations 

4. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This winter, vacationers’ interest is not limited to Mexico City. Americans are eager to visit Mexico’s coastal cities like Puerto Vallarta and other places south of the border. The LGBTQ-friendly resort town is the fourth most popular international destination for Spring Break in 2023, down one spot from a year ago.

3. Nassau, Bahamas

One of the big risers in this year’s evaluation is Nassau, which moved up from seventh to fourth place. A cruise is a popular spring travel choice, but flying is also an option for those looking for the best starting point for a Bahamian trip.

2. San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Travelers looking for serene surroundings, stunning beaches, world-class golf courses and opulent all-inclusive resorts continue to flock to Los Cabos in droves during spring break. San Jose del Cabo is a great choice for a late-winter trip overseas because it’s just a short flight from major West Coast cities like Los Angeles.

1. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun dominates Allianz Partners’ annual review, much like Orlando does. A pre-summer vacation to Cancun is a no-brainer because of its excellent weather, location in the Mexican Caribbean, tourist-friendly infrastructure, accessibility, and price.

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