Almost 9000 U.S. Flights Delays And Cancelations Due To Pilot Shortages And Bad Weather

Almost 9000 U.S. Flights Delays And Cancelations Due To Pilot Shortages And Bad Weather

As per data collected by FlightAware, a total of 1,750 flights were canceled in the United States on Thursday (June 16), followed by another 1,300 and a startling 8,900 delays on Friday (June 17). By 11 a.m. Saturday (June 18), another 1,770 flights were delayed and 620 more were grounded.

Thousands of passengers have been forced to change their plans to save their holidays, most without success. Like travelers in Europe, Americans are experiencing firsthand the impact understaffed airports have on travel, as cancelations are commonplace and wait times skyrocket.

According to USA Today, travelers flying on American Airlines and Delta are suffering the most after the airlines cut flights by 8% and 7%, respectively, only on Friday.

Despite ample evidence to the contrary, Curtis Blessing, a representative for American Airlines, has maintained that “the vast majority” of the delays are due to weather, particularly in the Miami area.

Storm warnings and the onset of hurricane season have recently affected operations in Miami and throughout Florida. However, we cannot ignore the fact that a severe lack of manpower, especially a dearth of trained pilots, is a current challenge shared by every major international hub.

Airlines in the United Kingdom are being advised to cancel more flights before the crisis worsens, and it’s not looking good for travelers in the United States either. Right now, any flight could be delayed or canceled by the scheduled departure time, and travelers can do little to improve the situation.

On this topic, the current disaster caused by industry executives has forced consumers to rely on insurance companies to increase travel safety.

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