Most amazing beautiful islands to visit in Greece

Most amazing beautiful islands to visit in Greece

Visiting some of the best islands in Greece would be exactly a dream comes true. The country is filled with hundreds of magnificent islands, cultural beauty, and luscious delicacies. Along with this, Greece resorts offers fun and exciting activities that are more than enough to make a holiday perfect. The beautiful country has amazing things to explore for family and couples, so pack your bags and head towards this place.

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Here are few islands that are world famous for their tremendous attractions:

Corfu Island

Corfu has UNESCO attested village sculpted by the hands of Byzantine, Venetian and the British Empire. It was also the home of the ancient Phaeacians burst and stomping ground of Poseidon. The background of the islands remains unforgettably gorgeous and pure due to the beautiful culture. The attraction of the island includes the Vlacheraina monastery, Angelokastro castle and Mandraki marina that leave visitors surprised.

corfu island

Symi Island

The tiny island of Greek looks small on the map of Greece, yet it has enough beauty to attract thousands of visitors towards itself. The Ano Symi town glows beautifully in colors such as yellow, pink and blue, and it also has piece de resistance which is a beautiful harbor. You will cherish the aromas of fresh shrimp dishes and light breezes from the water. You can check out the beautiful luxury family resorts in Greece to have an exciting stay.

Delos Island

Delos is a hot spot famous for exploring the remnants of Greek past. It’s the home of archaeological digs from the ancient ruins that are present here in vast number. The island also has a fascinating museum, which presents the history of the island, supposing the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. While visiting this culturally rich island, you can also explore the might Delos Theatre.


A happening kingpin of the Greece islands and also one of the veritable gems, Mykonos is attracted huge crowd towards it. The sun-seekers and revelers throughout the peak season. The daily speed boats connections and flights from Athens boosts the crowd in the peak season. Don’t forget to visit the Nea Moni monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can explore the charming Chora windmills spot is beautiful in its own way.


Although this island is not as famous as Corfu and Santorini are but it certainly holds its own beauty. The island is relatively large and found itself poking its way into the Aegean Sea. If you want to see a beautiful island to relax and calm yourself, nothing can be better than this. To check more about the island you must visit this soon. 

There are hundreds of beautiful islands in Greece, being culturally rich, have luscious food and beautiful climate. Along with this, you can explore the rare yet unique attractions different islands offer. Greece resorts work as icing on the cake, which is popular for their fun activities, luxurious comfort and more. If you ever get the chance to travel to Greece, make sure you explore the natural beauty and the historic places of the country.