Amtrak Launches A Big Sale On Business Class Tickets Starting At $29

Amtrak Launches A Big Sale On Business Class Tickets Starting At $29

In recent times, Amtrak has been popular for providing flash sales, and there’s a new one that culminates on 28th June. Travelers to the East Coast can take advantage of this flash sale that is available on the Acela business class.

Travelers can use the first-class tickets to travel between 30th June and 4th September. For those who are unfamiliar with the Acela train, it is a train speed that connects and runs in the Washington, D.C., and Boston areas.

The Acela’s business class provides travelers with maximum comfort and makes the journey less tiring. First-class seats are accompanied by a meal, car attendant and a lounge.

Travelers can take advantage of the flash sale, with tickets going for only $29 for business class. Those who are looking to get first-class seats will have to pay only $124.

Travelers only have to pay $29 to get business class tickets when traveling from Philadelphia to Baltimore. Those traveling from Boston to New York can get the business class seats for $39 and those traveling from New York to Washington will pay $199.

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One key advantage of the flash sale is that there are no blackout dates, but certain terms and conditions like cancellation fees can apply. Travelers can book their tickets via Amtrak and for those looking to fully maximize this deal, they should consider booking their ticket using a card that offers rewards for any travel purchases.

The Acela trains are undergoing upgrades to provide more amenities like USB ports, winged headrests and hands-free luggage storage. The new trains are expected to be available by the beginning of next year.

The Acela tickets can be pricey, with one-way tickets selling at $500. Therefore, it is wise to take advantage of the flash sale, especially for those looking to travel this summer on the Northeast Corridor route; the deadline for the flash sale is on 28th June.