Another Popular Asian Country Launches Digital Nomad Visa

Another Popular Asian Country Launches Digital Nomad Visa

South Korea has unveiled a new visa for foreigners, referred to as the digital nomad or workation visa, enabling visitors to enjoy an extended stay in the country while working remotely.

This Asian nation just confirmed the official launch of a brand-new visa designed exclusively for visitors from abroad. Travelers can now stay in South Korea for a maximum of two years, with the main requirement being that they continue to work during this time in their home country. As per multiple reports, the trial initiative allowing foreigners to stay in South Korea on a working holiday commenced on January 1, 2024.


The Yonhap News Agency reports that this country’s Justice Ministry will issue the digital nomad visa. To be eligible for this visa in South Korea, there is a set of requirements that must be met.

  • International workers with over a year’s worth of work experience in their industry and a connection to remote work environments are eligible.
  • To apply for this new visa, foreign nationals must make twice the annual gross national income of South Korea’s per capita.
  • According to a Business Standard report, interested parties must have medical insurance worth more than 100 million won (₹63,62,655.45).
  • Medical and repatriation costs must be covered by the insurance.
  • Workation visa holders from other countries are not permitted to work for South Korean companies. They are actually prohibited from engaging in profitable endeavors.