Are British Virgin Islands Safe? Travel Advisory 2024

Are British Virgin Islands Safe? Travel Advisory 2024

This British Overseas Territory comprises 60 glamorous Caribbean islands filled with lush stretches of splendorous tropical flora, sun-bleached beaches and unique culture.

More than 28 million people spend their holidays in the British Virgin Islands every year and virtually nobody falls prey to violent crime, according to statistics.

Like in most destinations, pretty crime does occur but it’s certainly low.

LATEST NEWS from British Virgin Islands:

March 28 – BVI Prime Minister Condemns the Death of Local Attorney – Actions Announced 

BVI Prime Minister Dr. Natalio Wheatley said his government will provide local police with diverse sources to help them find the murders of attorney Jamal S. Smith.

Wheatley urged citizens to contact the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) in case they have any information regarding this case.

The irrational death of Mr. Smith will be remembered, said PM Wheatley.

“In Mr Smith, the Virgin Islands has lost a very talented and valuable member of our community. Mr. Smith and the law firm which he founded, Thornton Smith, are highly respected in the fields of corporate law and intellectual property rights,” he said.

Crime Statistics in BVI

With 45.83 points, crime levels in the BVI are considered low. Let’s review some other interesting statistics, according to Numbeo

Crime level45.83Moderate
Rise in crime in the last 3 years66.67High
Concerns about home invasion and things stolen33.33Low
Concerns about being mugged or robbed37.50Low
Worries about getting your car stolen16.67Very Low
Concerns about getting things stolen from your car 27.08Low
Worries of being attacked41.67Moderate
Worries of being insulted45.83Moderate
Concerns about being physically attacked due to skin color, ethnic origin, gender or religion8.33Very Low
Problems with drug addicts and drug dealers64.58High
Vandalism and theft50.00Moderate
Frequency of violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery47.92Moderate

Areas to Avoid

Other than avoiding secluded areas and poorly lit streets after dark, neither international governmental agencies nor local tourism businesses recommend travelers refrain from visiting any particular neighborhood in British Virgin Islands.

Official Travel Advisories 

US Travel Advisory

The US government ranks the British Virgin Islands as one of the safest destinations in the world.

It only recommends travelers take “normal precautions” when visiting.

Canada Travel Advisory

Although petty crime can occur, the possibility of being a victim of it is pretty low, says the Canadian government.

Canada does recommend travelers follow authorities’ warnings regarding ocean currents because they can pose a risk to your safety.

Safety Tips for British Virgin Islands

As stated above, traveling to British Virgin Islands is extremely safe. However, don’t forget to bear in mind these common-sense recommendations.

  • As in most destinations, avoid carrying large amounts of cash. – There’s no need to.
  • In the event of a robbery, don’t resist.
  • Avoid solo travel to secluded or unpatrolled beaches at night.
  • Search for official sites to find out which beaches are safe to swim in. 
  • Don’t leave your valuables unattended on the beach.