argentina reopening borders

Argentina is not open for tourism, only essential travel is allowed

Argentina is not open for tourism and borders are currently closed to foreign visitors from all countries. Returning citizens, residents and essential travelers allowed entry need to present negative test results and quarantine for 7 days on arrival.

The gradual reopening to international tourism in the country has been rolled back due to a spike in cases and fear of the new strains circulating in Europe and other places.

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Argentina Reopening – Latest Updates

Argentina reopening for tourism - travel restrictions

February 28 

Argentina continues to be closed for tourism and authorities have not announced a reopening date yet. Borders were supposed to be closed until today but the government has not made any official reopening announcement. 

Vaccination rollout

This week, the country received almost 1 million doses of the Sinopharm vaccines to help boost Argentina’s mass vaccination program. So far, the country has administered 722,234 doses.

January – Argentina bans non-nationals from entry

To protect the population from the new strains of the virus, authorities have decided to ban all foreigne visitors. Land borders are closed and incoming flights are being strictly vetted, especially those coming from Europe and the U.S. (Source in Spanish)

Citizens and residents, and their families are allowed transit along with essential workers. They need to provide negative COVID-19 test results and agree to a 7-day quarantine. (Source in Spanish)

December – The country will reopen for tourism to neighboring countries.

Matías Lammes, the Minister of Tourism and Sports, has reportedly stated that Argentina will “imminently” reopen its borders to neighboring countries next summer (December 2020).

Are the land Borders open?

Travelers are allowed access to the country -only- by Ezeiza airport and the maritime terminal located in Buenos Aires (for those coming from Uruguay). Land borders will remain closed until further notice.

What are some of the entry requirements?

Buenos Aires, Argentina

To be granted access to the country, allowed visitors must comply with these 3 requirements

  • Visitors must now fill out an electronic health form 48 hours prior to boarding
  • Submit proof of a negative COVID-19 test result and
  • Agree to quarantine for 7 days.

What airlines are flying to Argentina?

Argentina airlines aircraft

Aerolíneas Argentinas, United, Lufthansa, Iberia, KLM, and Air France have been flying only once per week. Argentine residents entering from abroad are subjected to a compulsory self-isolation for 7 days.

Argentina has put in place new measures for citizens from South Korea, the People’s Republic of China, Japan, Iran, the United States of America, the UK and the rest of Europe (including Schengen Area countries) and are planning on visiting Argentina.

Usually, airlines restart their flights to Argentina on 1st September. The Argentinian aviation authorities group was to approve the flights at the beginning of August.

However, that did not happen. This lack of communication from the government has resulted in the cancellation of flights that were scheduled for September.

However, airlines are still hopeful that the Argentinian government will open its routes for international flights. This evidence has been seen in their schedules where they are even putting Buenos Aires back. They are very hopeful to travel there soonest.

Covid-19 Situation in Argentina

As of February 28, the country has reported 2,104,197 positive cases and 51,946 deaths. One of the highest death toll figures in South America.

Although there were concerns of less testing of COVID-19 in Argentina than other countries in the region like Peru and Chile, the number of positive cases increased dramatically with time.

Argentina government’s measures to stop the spread of the disease have had a mixed response from the public. Stricter lockdowns have sparked protests.

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