Aruba reopened borders for tourism on June 10 after a temporary closure


Aruba is open for tourism to most countries but a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours before arrival is required.

Otherwise, visitors will need to take one upon arrival. Quarantine is mandatory only for travelers who test positive for COVID-19.  

On June 7, all travel restrictions for residents of India, South Africa and Brazil were lifted.

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Aruba Reopening – Latest Updates

June 13 – Aruba reopened borders for international tourism on June 13 after a temporary closure

On June 10, Aruba further eased multiple COVID-19-related restrictions and lifted most international flight bans. Back in May, the country had to close their borders due to a surge in COVID-19 cases. 

Some domestic restrictions remain in place. Visitors are required to wear a facemask in most indoor spaces and establishments and observe social distancing.  

As of today, visitors from all over the world can visit Aruba. Restrictions for visitors from India, South Africa and Brazil were lifted and only Venezuela citizens remain banned. 

(Source: Aruba Gov.)

May 29 – Aruba to lift multiple local restrictions to boost tourism since the end of May

In order to boost tourism, Aruba Authorities have removed some restrictions that were holding back tourists, especially Americans, from coming back to the Island country.

Starting this week, the nationwide curfew was lifted as well as all beach restrictions.

Although all establishments are still required to close by 11:00 pm at the latest, these restrictions will no longer apply to bars and restaurants at hotel properties.

Also gathering prohibition was canceled, but keeping social distancing and the use of face masks remain in place.
(Source: Aruba Gobierno)

May 13 – Aruba, first country to use blockchain technology to handle visitors’ private health data

One of the reasons why many are against the so-called COVID-19 passports is because not only governments but also hospitality personnel, law officers and others will have the power to see, store, access and use their private health data. 

Well, Aruba is working with SITA and to create a new app based on blockchain technology to enable visitors to share their COVID health status privately and securely on their mobile devices. 

It will be beneficial for travelers because they will preserve their privacy, and for the government because this virtually eliminates forged certificates and gives them the ability to revoke access to the country “if conditions change.”

Testing labs will be able to send results directly to the traveler’s mobile device so they can share those results through the app with the Aruba Health Department when needed.

April 27 – A safe country to visit

The CDC ranks Aruba as a very unsafe country to travel to due COVID-19. However the Island seems to be handling the pandemic better than most. As of today, the country only has 227 active cases (187 residents and 40 non-residents), 24 of them in hospital. 

As regards the vaccination program they go a bit under schedule (also, as most countries worldwide), with only 53,244 immunized people as of April 26 according to Aruba’s Department of Health.

Who can travel to Aruba for tourism now?

Aruba reopening for tourism - travel restrictions
  • Everyone but Venezuelan citizens.

Do visitors need to quarantine?

Only if they tested positive for COVID-19.

Do travelers need health insurance?

Aruba reopening for tourism - travel insurance

Yes. As part of visitors’ ED Card application process they will be asked to acquire Aruba Visitors Insurance for people 15 and over. 

What activities can or cannot do tourists do in Aruba?

  • All tourist venues must be closed by 1:00 am
  • All bars, rum shops, and nightclubs are closed until further notice. Restaurant bars can serve at tables only. 
  • Hotel bars can serve at the bar for only registered hotel guests

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COVID-19 in Aruba

As of June 13, the country has reported 11,072 COVID-19 cases and 107 deaths.