7 Awesome World Road Trips To Take in 2022

Nothing beats seeing the world from the freedom of your vehicle. When traveling, public transport can limit where and when you can go.

With a car, you can set off and drive whenever you want. So, download some music, get the radio playing, and set off for the adventure of a lifetime at one of these six epic road trip destinations.


usa road trip tipsUSA is home of road trips! It’s one of the most popular ways of traveling around USA, loved by foreigners but locals as well.

The most popular road trips are the famous route 66 or Californian Pacific Highway trip but there are plenty of other routes for a cross country road trip.

If you’ve never done a road trip, then you should start in the USA. 


Canada road trips are world-famous because of the beautiful mountains and crystal clear lakes! 

Start at Calgary, hire a car and head into the Rocky Mountains for low lying lakes and the possibility of seeing deer, moose, and maybe even a bear.

The mountain ranges are perfect for early morning photos and there is a range of hidden hot springs to find and bathe in. Banff is a popular hiker spot to pick up your snacks and other essentials.

Whilst in countries with wildlife, especially Canada where bears can be quite dangerous, keep a safe distance from the animals and observe them calmly. Preserving nature is what the Rocky National Parks are all about, so do your bit to keep these areas beautiful.


For an incredible variety of landscapes, Namibia boasts forest coated mountains and intriguing rock formations to bustling ports and sweeping, amber dunes.

Visit the Waterberg to see flat-topped mountains and catch some of the local wildlife including baboons and the national animal, the gemsbok. The Big Daddy dune is an impressive sight and an even more impressive climb for the spirited adventurer.

When you’re on the road for a long time, like on the dirt tracks in Namibia, your car undergoes intensive wear and unexpected repairs might be needed. For those problems that you can’t fix yourself, get a car insurance quote so that you can get roadside repairs and towing wherever you may be.


Wrap up tightly to cruise through the breathtaking fjords, glaciers and otherworldly scenery in Iceland. Relax in the majesty of the Blue Lagoon and soak yourself in its silicone waters. Around this area are incredible geological formations that seem to change from mile to mile, so pull over by the side of the road and take a photo.  

Try to bring as many snacks with you as possible because Iceland is expensive since the country imports most of its goods. If you can, find a remote job that you can take anywhere with you so that you don’t have to worry about the bank balance while you have fun roaming.

South Africa

The Garden route along the Southern Coast of South Africa is a phenomenally beautiful experience. Go between Durban with its warm beaches and Cape Town with its views of iconic Table Mountain.

Between, there are verdant ravine walks, wine farms, and spirited towns with traditional hotels and backpacker lodges. There are plenty of spots to get in some action with horse riding, ocean kayaking and more.


Lush and verdant grasslands are home to the native yak in the Tibetan highlands which are perfect for viewing expansive hills, vast plateaus, and beautiful architecture.

For the ultimate experience, pay a visit to Mount Everest which has short to multi-day hikes and ethereal landscapes. If you prefer experience at a lower altitude, try the monasteries with their rich history, the Ganden monastery is a must-see.


Drive through the Inca heartland and immerse yourself in ancient history, remote rainforests and incredible mountain ranges.

Head up to Chan Chan a pre-Columbian complex that is one of the prettiest towns in the highlands up North. Wind your way around the cloud forest road that will raise the heart rate via Celendin for a thrilling experience that makes the most of your car and you will remember forever.

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Here, you are best off hiring a high clearance vehicle for off-road comfort. A key skill you will want to take with you for your road trip is some basic car maintenance, especially on the less well-maintained roads. Here are some ways to repair your own car without experience.

So, slam your car door, start the engine, and set off for the road trip of a lifetime. With some simple preparations, you can ensure you have a stress-free experience and can enjoy the freedom of road trips to their fullest potential.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and got some ideas for your next road trip destination! If you’ve got any idea or suggestion on some place we should include, we would love to hear it. Feel free to comment below.