Bali Authorities Ban Loud Music After 1 AM In Canggu Area

Bali Authorities Ban Loud Music After 1 AM In Canggu Area

In places of amusement such as beach clubs, the party must end by 1 a.m. This is according to a local notice issued in response to a petition calling for an end to noise pollution in the Canggu area.

In order to evaluate a petition titled End Extreme Noise in Canggu, which as of the time of publishing this article already has over 8,000 signatures out of the intended 7,500, the Bali Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) met with stakeholders today.

The meeting resulted in the passing of several regulations for clubs and bars in the area.

“First, the decibel limit for outdoor areas is at 70 dB. Second, the maximum operational hours is until 1am – this is for cafes and others,” Bali Satpol PP Chief I Dewa Nyoman Dharmadi said in Denpasar.

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bali atlas beach club
Bali Atlas Beach Club

According to field observations, Dharmadi said the noise from beach clubs in Canggu, especially Berawa, which is officially in Tibubeneng but still commonly referred to as being in Canggu, can reach 82-85 dB at night.

He continued by noting that he expected clubs to comply with the guidelines and that “[law] enforcement is the last step if there are businesses that still violate the regulations or pretend that they do not know.”

There were complaints about “booming sounds” and “fireworks” coming from neighboring beach clubs in the petition’s comments section. Homeowners who spoke with reporters indicate the noise only remains until 2 a.m., contrary to some commenters’ claims that it continues until 4 a.m.

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La Brisa Beach Club
La Brisa Beach Club

Some petition commenters blamed the “booming sounds” on a beach club, the recently launched Atlas Beach Fest (formerly Holywings Bali).

Alwine, the public relations representative for Atlas Beach Fest, informed reporters that the beach club “appreciates the decision from Satpol PP and respects their policy.”

“We always respect and value the regulations on operational hours. As for cooperation and agreements with the government, we will always comply,” she said.

Sandiaga Uno, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, previously declared that he will travel to Canggu this week to assure that the central government will be “present” in the face of protests from the locals.