Bali Authorities Launch Investigation Into A Recently Opened Atlas Beach Club, “Apparently” Over A Religious Dispute

Bali Authorities Launch Investigation Into Recently Opened Atlas Beach Club “Apparently” Over A Religious Dispute

The beach bar and club, which was previously called Holywings, and has now changed its name to Atlas Beach Fest, began operations on Monday, July 18, 2022.

However, it is suspected that the Atlas Beach Club’s list of operating permits is not yet complete.

Based on these allegations, Bali Provincial DPRD Commission I will visit the Atlas Beach Fest.

woman and kid ordering food at atlas beach club in bali
Source: Atlas Beach Fest Instagram

However, that does not seem to be all. Atlas Beach Club is owned by the Indonesian company Holywings. In June, the company faced a fierce backlash after a drinks campaign was widely interpreted as religious blasphemy.

Since then, six employees have been arrested and 12 Holywings bars in Jakarta have been closed.

Authorities have also closed all locations in Surabaya. The drinks campaign offered a free bottle of gin every Thursday to men named Mohammad and to women named Maria.

Indonesia has the largest majority of Muslims worldwide, and the drinks promotion has sparked protests in Jakarta.

According to a report in a local newspaper The Bali Tribune, Commission I of the Bali Provincial DPRD will review the licensing of the new establishment.

A department store and street food market with space and stalls for over 52 stores are also located at Atlas Beach Club. For these businesses to operate, they must also have the necessary licenses, and Atlas Bali requires the proper documentation to sublease its facilities.

Bali DPRD Secretary Dewa Nyoman Rai warned local media, “Not only Atlas Beach Fest, but also other big and small businesses should not open a business before getting a permit. So that it will not be a problem in the future if there is a permit inspection or a sudden inspection.

However, when key stakeholders and popular Indonesian TV star Hotman Paris were asked about permits, licenses and business procedures in light of the parent company’s recent scandals, Hotman Paris said everything was fine.

He told the media, “There are no problems with the permits because all of them have met the requirements for a beach club… I do not think there is a problem with the permit, everything is in order and has met the requirements for a beach club, just like the beach club next door.”