Bali Celebrates Opening Of The Largest Beach Club In Southeast Asia

bali atlas beach club

Southeast Asia’s biggest beach club, Atlas Beach Fest, has opened to much fanfare in Bali, one of the world’s most beloved vacation spots.

Before the pandemic, Bali attracted millions of visitors every year. However, the Indonesian province suffered economic damage when the coronavirus caused countries to close their borders.

Even now that the pandemic has settled down, vaccines are available, and borders are open, the region’s tourism industry is still struggling to get back to normal.

The new beach club has the potential to attract many travelers, in part because of the club’s impressive features. It’s also near beautiful Balinese nature and ancient temples.

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A nightclub on the beach might not sound extraordinary, but Atlas Beach Fest is unlike most.

Holywings, a big name in the leisure industry, is behind the development. The company has created numerous popular venues in the region.

Atlas Beach Fest had its grand opening earlier in the week. Numerous celebrities from Indonesia attended, and now travelers can also head there.

The nightclub has convinced several famous DJs to provide their services. That’s not all, though.

Visitors can find the club on Berawa Beach, a favorite tourist location. The club’s marketing suggests it’s a hot lifestyle destination.

Berawa Beach has tons of restaurants, a street market, a department store, and more. It also provides a variety of entertainment options for travelers with different interests.

The club itself boasts the longest bar and longest poolside in Southeast Asia, allowing it to serve multitudes of customers simultaneously. That will be vital when Bali hits its stride by welcoming millions of tourists again in the future.

The entrance cost is a mere $10 and includes a voucher for a complimentary drink.

For additional fees, rental daybeds and sun loungers are available. The price range for those falls anywhere from $66 to $1,000.

Guests can also rent a VIP sofa near the main stage and purchase bottle packages.