Bali Considering A Quota System For Entering The Island To Limit The Mass Tourism

Bali Considering Quota System For Entering The Island To Limit The Mass Tourism

The governor of Bali wants to introduce a quota system that would require foreign visitors who want to travel to the region to register for their trip a year in advance.

The governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, has expressed dissatisfaction with the increasing number of international visitors to the island who disobey the law and show no respect for local customs.

“We will no longer welcome mass tourism. We will restrict tourist numbers by implementing a quota system. If there is a quota, then people will have to queue. Those who want to come next year, can sign up from now. That’s the system we want to apply,” Koster said.

The system would be in existence for a long term, and visitors to Bali would have to wait their turn to visit the island of Gods.

Tourist tax was also considered a while ago

The Indonesian government recently considered a proposal that may require visitors to Bali to pay a “tourist tax” ranging from $30 to $100 in order to discourage unruly travelers.

While the plans were only in the discussion phase, Sandiaga Uno, the minister for tourism, mentioned during a media briefing that the fee could enhance the overall quality of tourists visiting the island, as reported by the Australian Financial Review. Ida Bagus Agung Partha Adnyana, the chairman of the Bali Tourism Board, shares the belief that implementing this fee would contribute to a more positive experience for those embarking on trips to Bali.

“Income from the tourism tax would help fund a range of measures and prevent Bali from becoming known only as a cheap destination. Cheap destinations bring in cheap tourists who tend to cause a lot of problems,” said Mr Adnyana.

Since the beginning of 2023, the number of visitors has increased to over 300,000 per month. This has led to some tension with local residents, who have voiced concerns about increased traffic, pollution, and a general disregard for traditional Hindu traditions and culture.