Bali Partners With Airbnb To Attract More Digital Nomads Ahead Of The Anticipated Visa Launch

Bali Partners With Airbnb To Attract More Digital Nomads

With the recent introduction of AirBnB’s page, Live and Work Anywhere Bali’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy announced their partnership with the well-known rental marketplace.

“Airbnb is partnering with Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, promoting Bali as part of our Live and Work Anywhere program, designed to highlight outstanding global destinations for remote working. The Indonesian province has been blazing a trail for years as a leading destination for aspiring digital nomads.,” says the website. 

It was noted that remote workers in Bali have been able to acquire a B211A visa (for tourism/business reasons) beginning September 2022, allowing them to work remotely for up to six months without paying income tax.

The Bali Digital Nomads page on AirBnB has recommendations for accommodations suitable for working remotely, as well as useful information about time zone, weather, visa requirements, money, phone and internet, and local customs, health and safety.

Interestingly, Kintamani, Singaraja and Karangasem are among the other areas of Bali ( other than Canggu) that the AirBnB page recommends to digital nomads.

Bali Partners With Airbnb To Attract More Digital Nomads

According to Mich Goh, who is in charge of AirBnB’s public policy division for Southeast Asia, India, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the partnership will make it easier for millions of remote workers to choose the best places and deals in Bali.

Goh also stressed the importance of promoting lesser-known locations such as Banjar and the Nusa Islands (Penida, Lembongan and Ceningan) to diversify travel options.