Bali Reduces Quarantine To 3 Days As It Reaches The Lowest COVID Alert

Bali Reduces Quarantine To 3 Days As It Reaches The Lowest COVID Alert

Bali has cut its COVID-19 quarantine period from five days to three as it reaches the lowest possible COVID-19 alert, the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs announced Tuesday.

In a circular issued on Nov. 2, Indonesia’s COVID-19 Task Force modified Bali’s formerly stringent quarantine policy.

According to the document, the benefit will be granted to all foreign visitors who can produce both a negative coronavirus test and proof of being fully vaccinated.

“The quarantine period is now three days for international travelers who have been vaccinated,” said a spokesperson for the country’s COVID-19 Task Force.

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Another significant change in the previous law is that partially vaccinated travelers are now permitted to travel to Indonesia. They are, however, subject to a 5-day mandatory quarantine.

All travelers still need to submit proof of having booked a room in one of the 35 hotel-quarantine sites as well as purchasing insurance with a minimum coverage of US$100,000, which includes potential COVID-19 expenses.

Caught between a struggling economy and a potential health emergency, Bali is slowly adjusting to the new reality a number of Asian countries are now facing. Learning how to live with COVID-19 as the rest of the world is doing.

Luckily, things are improving on a daily basis. As of Nov. 4, a total of 120,887,847 Indonesians had gotten their first immunization, with about one million new immunized people per day. 

So far, Bali has been fully vaccinated 74,805,667 people, making it one of the most immunized areas in the country.

Also this week, the Ministry of Home Affairs amended Instruction No. 53/2021, to lower Bali and Java’s alert to Level 1, the best possible for tourists and business owners. 

This means that non-essential businesses, such as shopping centers, and certain service-oriented industries, such as public transportation, can operate at full capacity at least until November 15.

Meanwhile, restaurants, bars, and public facilities, such as public parks, are also allowed to operate with 75% capacity. 

Also, travelers who are fully vaccinated will simply need to present an antigen test (cheaper) to be allowed to travel from/to Bali to Java.