bali reopening borders

Bali is ready to reopen for international tourists before 2021

Bali is ready and very close to start reopening for international tourism, said Bali Regional Secretary, Dewa Made Indra, at a press conference (DEC 17).

The Governor is working with the Central Government (Indonesia) to remove the travel bans that have been in place since March.

BALI Reopening Tourism – Latest Updates

December 19 – UN confirms that Bali is ready to open for tourism

World Tourism Organization (UN) stated this week that Bali is ready and fully prepared to start reopening for tourism before 2021.

Bali’s Government also changed the rules for local tourists for the Christmas holiday. All visitors must have a PCR test taken no longer than 72hours before departure. (Source:

December 5 – How safe is to visit Bali during COVID-19?

The CDC has classified Indonesia as one the destinations to avoid at the moment. (Level 4: Very High Level of COVID-19). However, as Indonesia is a collection of 17,508 not the whole country is under such a level of warning.

In fact, the Bali governor has recently prized Bali’s citizens for their contribution to keep the death toll under control.

How to enter BALI during a pandemic?

Everyone traveling for humanitarian, volunteering, family, business, or investment purposes is allowed entry.

You can also enter BALI if you are a digital nomad / remote worker with a business visa. For further information click here.

Keep in mind that you need to apply for a special type of visa. We recommend you to contact some of the local coworking spaces to help you out with the paperwork.

Dojo Bali coworking space’s people are trained to help you with this process.

What is the COVID-19 situation in Indonesia?

Source: Worldmeters

Indonesia has largely had a successful response to Covid-19, especially considering its status as a middle income country of more than 250 million inhabitants.

As of today, the country has reported 557,877 positive cases and 17,355 deaths.

Despite being an island chain that is roughly the size of the United States, most of those people live on a handful of islands in highly urbanized areas.

For many people in East Asia, face masks and social distancing are quite normal after so many contagious diseases over the past twenty years. Indonesia has not reached that point yet.

The government is trying everything necessary to maintain complete control of the pandemic without destroying much of Bali’s tourism-based economy in the balance.