Bali Travelers Flocking From Kuta To New Trendy Canggu

Bali Travelers Flocking From Kuta To New Trendy Canggu

Kuta was one of the busiest areas of the resort island, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every month, but after the pandemic, tourists seem to prefer trendy Canguu to old Kuta.

Kuta should still be bustling even though the peak months of June, July, and August are officially over and there is a natural downturn in arrivals from mid-September through the Christmas holidays. Instead, there are no people on the streets, and bars, restaurants, and nightclubs are barely half full.

Even while there are undoubtedly more tourists in the region than in 2020 and 2021, when borders were shut, local entrepreneurs and tourism workers have seen a sharp fall in the number of travelers after the high season finished.

The tourism industry in Kuta has identified a number of variables that impact the problem. The first is simply the novelty and attractiveness of places like Canggu.

canggu beach in bali

Canggu’s thriving nightlife and modern tourist offerings have attracted thousands of young families, couples and groups of party-loving young travelers. Numerous brand new cafes, restaurants and beach clubs have opened. In addition, there are a lot of affordable luxury accommodations as well as Instagram-worthy stores selling really attractive goods to tourists.

Safety is an additional factor. A number of phone thefts in recent months, according to statements made by Kuta business owners to media, have given the area a terrible reputation. Local tour guide Sugi spoke with journalists about his time working in Kuta. He explained plainly, “When I take guests, many ask to go to Canggu. Very few people ask to go to Kuta. Especially for young tourists, they like Canggu…There is a sense of insecurity in Kuta. Theft often occurs. So now when it’s quiet like this, tourism actors tend to [leave].”

I Nyoman Rudiarta, the head of the Badung regency tourism office, agreed that there had been a number of telephone thefts in the area and that visitors did not want to be bothered by hawkers or even young beggars.

He claimed that the tourism administration was aware of these problems and was trying to prevent children from such situations, but in recent weeks incidents involving tourists on the beaches had increased. In the past, most incidents were reported on nearby streets.

Kuta is making efforts to guarantee everyone’s safety and that visitors may enjoy the beaches without hawkers interfering. Local community leaders and the police are collaborating to improve street patrols, particularly during busy hours of the night when thieves have been active.