Bali Urges Indonesian Government To Subsidize Flight Tickets For Tourists

Bali Urges Indonesian Government To Subsidize Flight Tickets For Tourists

To boost tourism, Bali’s Deputy Governor Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati, known locally as Cok Ace, has suggested that international tickets should be subsidized by the central government. 

Cok Ace believes that this scheme will help boost tourism on the Island of the Gods, especially after finding out that tickets from Australia to Thailand were cheaper than tickets from Australia to Bali. At the panel discussion titled ‘Recover (Bali) Together: Awaiting Solutions for Business Continuity and Recovery’, he brought this statement to light. 

High ticket prices are dissuading tourists to visit Bali and in turn having a negative impact on the local economy. As such, he confirmed that local governments are working with consult the central government to see if this plan can be a reality. 

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He is worried that local tourism entrepreneurs can’t fully help prop the economy and for it achieves a big boost, the reduction of ticket prices by the central government would be massively impactful on the economy. 

As business owners are struggling with operation costs on top of debts due to the lack of tourism during the pandemic, the potential impact of this subsidy would surely aid. He even went on to state that the ticket costs are also impacting the larger companies as hotels are operating at 40-60% occupancy even in the high season.

Led by Gede Agus Maha Usadha, Vice Chairman of the Bali Chamber of Commerce for Tourism and Investment, the forum provided the opportunity for top officials to discuss the next steps in the island’s economic recovery.