Bali Visitors May Need A Booster Shot Starting July

Just after easing some of Covid’s harshest requirements and allowing vaccinated travelers to visit almost without limitations, Indonesia is mulling a new set of restrictions following a rise in Covid-19 cases.

For people who have had two vaccinations, this may mean having to present proof of a booster shot upon entry into the nation, including the province of Bali.

Beginning in late 2021, Indonesia began to soften its strict entry restrictions. 

However, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, the coordinating minister for maritime affairs and investment and one of Indonesia’s top officials in charge of border policy, indicated that a new travel booster requirement could be introduced in the event that covid infections continue to rise.

Before June, the Government’s prompt responses and extensive vaccination efforts had led to a commendable decline in pandemic rates in Indonesia. 

Regrettably, Covid is now spreading rapidly again. Since cases peaked on Feb. 20, Indonesia has reported its highest daily averages, according to Reuters.

Each day, there are 1,485 new infections, or 3% of the peak. So the number of cases may not yet be high enough to overwhelm the country’s health sector, but the government is determined to prevent a further increase.

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Will Indonesia actually Impose a Booster Mandate?

If the number of cases continues to rise in July, Pandjaitan said, booster vaccinations will be ordered as a necessity for travel for the “common good.” The minister reiterated that the pandemic in Indonesia is still under control despite the warning.

The minister went on to say that nearby Singapore, which has just eliminated all testing for vaccinated tourists, “is seeing a sharp increase in cases.” Pointing to another nation that has relaxed testing requirements, he stressed that “Malaysia is also reporting a significant increase in cases,” and urged “everyone to be disciplined.”