Bali’s Infamous “Sex Ban” Law To Come Into Effect Soon

Bali's Infamous “Sex Ban” Law To Come Into Effect Soon

The governor of Bali has recently announced a new “no sex law” has been authorized by the Indonesian government and will soon be implemented in Bali.

This rule, known as the “Bali bonk ban,” will practically forbid extramarital sex.

However, since this law only applies to Indonesians and foreigners living in the country, tourists won’t be arrested if they have extramarital sex there.

“The new code, which will apply to Indonesians and visiting foreigners alike and has prompted alarm from human rights campaigners, will also prohibit cohabitation between unmarried couples,” the Guardian claimed.

Authorities have sought to allay the fears of tourists who fear being prosecuted, even though the rule legally applies only to locals and foreigners living in the country.

“Bali is Bali as usual, which is comfortable and safe to be visited,” Bali Governor Wayan Koster said.

The announcement of the new law in 2022 generated significant media attention and left tourists bewildered, primarily due to its initial lack of clarity. The announcement triggered confusion among visitors, especially unmarried couples who often choose Bali as their favored destination. In response to the criticism, the Bali Government has taken proactive measures by organizing multiple conferences aimed at clarifying the intricate details of the law.