Barcelona Ranked No.1 European City For Single People

Barcelona Ranked No.1 European City For Single People

One significant factor that plays into single people meeting other singles is their location. Barcelona just took the top spot as the best place for singles to meet new partners. If you’ve been eternally single, then it may just be time to head to this European city.

Analysts took many data aspects into consideration when determining this top city. Some key aspects include the percentage of single people per capita, age distribution, total city population, affordability, usage of dating apps, and nightlife opportunities. They truly dove into what makes a city great for singles.

The 50 top cities in Europe for singles:

  • 50 Tirana, Albania
  • 49 Antwerp, Belgium
  • 48 Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 47 Zagreb, Croatia
  • 46 Leuven, Belgium
  • 45 Tallinn, Estonia
  • 44 Bergen, Norway
  • 43 Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 41 Malmö, Sweden
  • 40 Cork, Ireland
  • 39 Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 38 Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • 37 Leeds, England
  • 36 Warsaw, Poland
  • 35 Birmingham, England
  • 34 Galway, Ireland
  • 33 Lille, France
  • 32 Bucharest, Romania
  • 31 Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • 30. Nottingham, England
  • 29. Hamburg, Germany
  • 28 Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 27 Liverpool, England
  • 26 Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 25 Munich, Germany
  • 24 Budapest, Hungary
  • 23 Vienna, Austria
  • 22 Riga, Latvia
  • 21 Bristol, England
  • 20 Athens, Greece
  • 19 Brussels, Belgium
  • 18. Helsinki, Finland
  • 17. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 16 Glasgow, Scotland
  • 15 Seville, Spain
  • 14 Geneva, Switzerland
  • 13 Dublin, Ireland
  • 12 Istanbul, Turkey
  • 11 Rome, Italy
  • 10 Oslo, Norway
  • 9 Lisbon, Portugal
  • 8 Stockholm, Sweden
  • 7 Manchester, England
  • 6 Paris, France
  • 5 Prague, Czech Republic
  • 4 Madrid, Spain
  • 3 Berlin, Germany
  • 2 London, England
  • 1 Barcelona, Spain
couple in barcelona

This Spanish coastal city is well-known to be a popular tourist destination. It offers a plethora of singles events, a lavish nightlife, and even a free online network linking singles to a variety of useful dating apps.

Barcelona’s claim to fame as a singles city is rooted in its focus on singles of all age groups and sexual orientations.

In fact, it’s the ninth most popular European city for Passport Dating users. This is an option on the world-famous dating apps where one can pre-select their city in advance, so they can swipe for singles before they even arrive at their destination.

While dating apps like still reign supreme as the main way for singles to meet one another in Barcelona, a desirable switch to more in-person meetups is on the horizon. Speed dating and authentic singles meetups at local bars and restaurants are starting to gain lots of traction with single locals and tourists alike.

Barcelona is located on the northeastern coast of Spain on the Medeterrian Sea and has been one of the top tourist destinations for decades. It’s well-known for its breathtaking art and architecture alongside its vibrant nightlife and football club.