5 Best Adventure Activities To Try In Singapore

Singapore presents an infinite list of adventure activities to experience for its travelers. Arguably, it is one of the best cities on earth to experience to many different world class adventures. If you are a thrill seeker, Singapore is one of the best places to be. Here are 5 must-try adventure activities in Singapore:

Indoor Skydivingindoor skydiving in singapore

Thinking of skydiving but don’t have all that courage to jump out of a plane? Try the indoor skydiving tunnel for the thrill of a 10000 feet free fall. Don’t worry, there is a safety net to catch you!

Fly by the body for an adrenaline rush that feels like no other thing! Located in Sentosa Island, this wind tunnel is the world’s biggest tunnel for indoor skydiving. It’s a 5-storied building and can house up to 20 flyers at any single time. You can enjoy two rounds of skydiving for each purchase (this differs based on packages and offers).

The Night Safari

As the dusk covers the earth, get ready to see the nightly rituals of over 1000 nocturnal animals in the world’s very first night safari park.  There are so many things to see and experience in the safari park. An exciting tram ride will take you close to the animals as they graze, frolic and hunt. For a brief overview of the park, see the night safari show. The fire show in the park too is unique in its nature. Don’t forget to check on the wallaby trail on foot if you have little bit extra time. You will be able to meet the bears, snakes and other animals really close to you.

Orca Scuba Diving

Have a fear of heights to try out the skydiving? Ok, let’s visit Orca Scuba and go water diving! Orca Scuba is a diving center that offers diving certification course as well as short diving experience based on your time and travel schedule. They have a pool of expert and great staffs who’d help you get one of the best experiences of your life as well as introduce you to the underwater marine world – not limited to the corals and underwater reefs. If you have no prior experience of underwater diving, this can be an exciting experience.

Treetop Walks

In the MacRitchie Reservoir Nature, you can choose multiple courses from 3km boardwalk to full round trip of 14 km. The first part of the trail is comparatively flat land. Midway offers the ranger stations providing toilet facilities and water cooler. Next part is a rather steep 150 meter uphill paved road before you arrive at the entry point of the suspension bridge.

You should bring enough water and food as there is no restaurant or arrangements to get a drink or have a little snack along the way. The entire stroll typically takes around 4 to 5 hours to finish.

Driving On F1 Tracke

If you love watching F1 motor races, Singapore is the place to be. Spending between $300 and $800, you can drive some of your dream supercars on the actual F1 track in Singapore. If you are a non-driver, you can just sit back and enjoy the thrill. As the road goes through some amazingly cool buildings, you will have a feel like flying.


There are many more exciting adventures such as reverse bangy and extreme swing, cable skiing, riding on zip lines, rock wall climbing, and zorbing. If you want to experience all the adventures activities in Singapore, you should live here for at least a couple of months.