8 Best Beaches in BALI You Should Visit On The Island

best beaches in bali island

The largest island nation in the world is Indonesia, which is made up of thousands of islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. On one of those islands is Bali, a province of Indonesia known worldwide because it is an excellent place to travel.

Bali is the ideal destination for both leisurely recovery and adventurous travel. The province has rich, indulgent scenery and a remote location, which makes it a prime spot for a private getaway.

Impressive beaches with lush vegetation are all over Bali. There are excellent leisure activities and adventurous pursuits. The adventurous traveler will find rough hills, waterfalls, deep forests, and exotic beaches in Bali.

By contrast, those looking to relax will feel the hot sun, and cool winds, and see incredible views. Bali is the perfect location for those looking for a flawless vacation.

Here we go, best Bali’s beaches:

1. Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach is a great option for beachgoers who want a more calm or laid-back experience. It is more sedate than other beaches on the island, making it perfect for de-stressing. Even though it is a quiet, serene beach, there are plenty of seaside resorts to pick from.

Sanur is not the best surfing spot on the island because the water does not create lots of waves and wake. Still, the beach is lovely and kept in pristine condition, so it is excellent for relaxing and floating around the water.

Possibly the best thing about Sanur is its 7-kilometer-long boardwalk. The boardwalk is fully paved so that anyone can walk, run, or even take a bike ride along the water.

Those looking to cruise on the boardwalk and experience the thrill of Sanur can rent bicycles. In addition to all of the classic beach activities, there are yoga sessions every morning on the beach that anyone can attend.

Sanur Beach has many restaurants and small huts where people can buy food and anything else they might have forgotten to bring with them (like sunblock and a cap).

These stores near the beach enhance the region’s appeal and give a vacation a more cultural sense as vacationers take in the local atmosphere. Out-of-towners will have the chance to meet locals and learn more about what life in Bali is like.

Each year, the Sanur area is home to several exciting seasonal festivals. These festivals include the Bali Kite Festival (July), the Bali Arts Festival (June), and the Sanur Village Festival (August).

Another event to experience, depending on the time of year, is the sea turtle release. Sea turtles love laying eggs on Sanur Beach. The locals protect them from being harmed by any predators. Bali accepts donations for people to release sea turtles into the ocean when it is time for the babies to hatch.

Near Sanur Beach, there is the Le Mayeur Museum. This tiny museum is dedicated to a 1930s Belgian painter and his wife from Bali. The museum used to be their house. There are said to be some breathtaking paintings inside. Sanur Massage & Spa is another wonderful attraction off the beach. For the price, you can not get a better massage. A standard Balinese massage is only around $7 for a full-body massage.

2. Nusa Dua Beach

If resorts and five-star facilities are your things, then, you simply cannot miss Nusa Dua Beach. 

This long stretch of sand set just about 40 minutes south of Denpasar is surrounded by luxury hotels, spas, and premium golf courses. There are also plenty of family-friendly restaurants, water sports shops, as well as a world-class shopping center.

No surprise the sand there is super clean. What’s more, the waters there are calm and suitable for beginner swimmers and even toddlers.

Even though it is one of the most developed resort areas in Bali, you will find plenty of cultural attractions nearby, such as Geger Temple, Museum Pasifika, and Puja Mandala worship complex. 

Most beaches of Nusa Dua are owned by the hotels, so be prepared to pay a small fee to enter.

3. Padang Padang Beach (Labuan Sait)

This beach has a distinct rocky entrance and an exotic backdrop. Anyone would be hard-pressed to find a comparable beach. There are lots of wonderful things to see and do at Padang Padang Beach, including the extraordinary rock caverns, tidal swimming pools, and a quiet beach.

Padang Padang Beach is also known as a great surfing destination. The Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang is the most frequented international surfing competition held at this location.

The Rip Curl Cup is a surfing competition that aims to push the boundaries of competitive surfing and show off the individuals that make up surfing’s most hidden subculture. This event invites 16 of the best “tube-riding specialists” in the world to compete against each other. This is one of the region’s most anticipated sporting events every year.

Padang Padang is relatively small, so due to its popularity, the beach might feel a little crowded at times. But the surroundings, the sea, and the serene ocean close to the beach make it a wonderful place to spend time. Padang Padang Beach even appeared in the book “Eat, Pray, Love”.

4. Seminyak Beach

When vacationing in Bali, travel south to Seminyak, which is located between Kuta and Legian. Seminyak has a full five-kilometer stretch of gorgeous white sand surrounded by high-end hotels, restaurants, and bars. The restaurants specifically are critically acclaimed as some of the finest in all of Bali.

Shoppers will fall in love with Seminyak thanks to all of its designer boutiques and unique storefronts. Seminyak is quickly becoming a fashion beach hub. With all of the surrounding attractions, the beach is essentially a resort in its own right.

Seminyak Beach is famous for surfing. Back in 1970, during the surf craze, the beach became a well-known landmark because it had such fun waves. People from all over the world will come to Seminyak just to enjoy the classic surfer vibes. This beach is a fantastic location to learn to surf since it has calmer waves than some of the other locations in Bali.

Throughout the beach, there are hundreds of umbrellas set up to keep people cool and free of sunburn. There are not so many that it is intrusive to the beautiful view, however. At the end of the day, Seminyak has some of the most gorgeous sunsets anyone has ever seen.

5. Pasir Putih

Set between two headlands on the southeastern coast of Bali, Pasir Putih is one of the island’s most famous “secret” beaches.

It is known under various nicknames, including White Sand Beach, Virgin Beach, and Hidden Beach. As all of them suggest, it’s a coastline off the beaten track perfect for travelers who enjoy privacy and a laid-back atmosphere.

The nearest town is Candidasa, which is about 4,5 kilometers away. However, you will find great facilities at the beach itself. Rent a parasol and a lounger for a day and treat yourself to a relaxing massage. If you get hungry, there are a couple of cafés serving fresh seafood and, of course, young coconuts. 

The waters there are usually very calm and clear and, therefore, ideal for swimming or diving. As there are no big waves, they are also suitable for families with kids.

6. Pemuteran Beach

The village of Pemuteran is a small fishing community that is becoming more popular with tourists every year thanks to its incredible beaches and quaint atmosphere.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the little village of Pemuteran is that it is home to the largest artificial Biorock-Reef project anywhere on earth. The Biorock and Coral Reef are directly off the main Pemuteran Beach, making it easily accessible for anyone.

Individuals can rent snorkels and spend an entire day looking at the beautiful waters, reefs, and sea life in this area. The waters are so clear that it is easy for even novice snorkelers to navigate and take in all the reef has to offer.

Pemuteran is an excellent town to stroll around on foot or use a bicycle. Thankfully, there are several places to rent bikes, and many hotels even have motorbikes available in case you wish to get around quickly.

Take a ride up to the monkey temple, just a few miles east of Pemuteran. This old Hindu temple now houses dozens of monkeys that are typically quite friendly and playful. Just make sure to watch your belongings around them, as they sometimes take off with more than a few! The monkeys also make for excellent photo opportunities.

Now to the beach, which has an incredibly unique atmosphere thanks to its black sand. Compared to the white sand beaches on other parts of the island, this beach is quite the contrast. At Pemuteran Beach, the sand is not rocky and very fine. In the water, the waves are generally calmer.

Since it’s a fishing village, there are plenty of opportunities for fishing fans. It is simple to charter a boat or fish off certain shores. As one would expect, the seafood in this region is to die for. It would be difficult to find better fresh seafood anywhere in the world.

7. Lovina Beach

In Northwest Bali lies the stunning Lovina Beach. Lovina Beach has one of the most gorgeous sunrises on the island. Snorkeling, scuba, diving, and whale watching are some of the most popular activities here. Additionally, there are dolphin-specific boat tours.

Off the beach, Lovina has many lovely spa facilities. These are great places to unwind after all of the travel. The masseuses here have their massage skills passed down from generation to generation and, as such, give incredibly relaxing massages. After feeling relaxed, head out dancing to places like the ZiGiZ Bar or Volcano Club. The Volcano Club even has disco nights!

Lovina is a quiet coastal area and home to tiny villages like Pemaron, Banyualit, and more. Several hotels have bike rentals so that visitors can zip around the villages quickly. The Coba Baca Public Library and Brahma Vihara Arama (a Buddhist monastery) are two of the most visited landmarks.

There are some unique shops and classic tourist shops throughout the villages to partake in. Oddly enough, cockfights are a tradition in this region where locals gamble on the outcomes of these fights. Tourists are able to partake as well.

8. Jimbaran Beach (Jimbaran Bay)

The stunning limestone coasts of Jimbaran Bay are home to several of Bali’s top surf spots and reef breaks. These beaches, some of which are rather remote and have rocky terrain, continue to draw thrill-seekers and people who enjoy the excitement of adventure. The waves of Jimbaran Bay are quite a sight to behold.

The well-known Jimbaran Bay, which forms the beachfront of several lavish 5-star resorts in Bali, is the primary coastal stretch of Jimbaran. Within it is a little beach called Muaya Beach, where visitors can have unforgettable sunset dinners at Jimbaran’s well-known seafood eateries. The smooth sand throughout the curved bay offers delightful beach walks and photo ops, and

Part of the coastline of Jimbaran Beach houses ancient sea temples and other incredible landmarks. Both locals and tourists get a thrill from seeing the ancient architecture and unfathomable rock formations.

Jimbaran Beach has several local drinks that tourists love trying. Different smoothies and alcoholic beverages are their specialties. Along with the drinks, there are some great dining options such as Menega Cafe or the Jimbaran Beach Club. Some of these excellent restaurants are part of high-class hotels and others are their own business.

Finally, Jimbaran Beach is also known for its magical destination weddings. Couples from all over the world have flown their family and friends out to Jimbaran Beach for the wedding of their dreams.

Why Visit Bali?

Clearly, there are countless reasons to take a trip to Bali. Several Bali beaches are world-renowned and attract thousands of tourists every year. Bali is home to a vast wilderness teeming with wildlife and gorgeous vegetation. It is Indonesia’s top tourist destination thanks to its natural beauty and rich culture.

The Balinese people are some of the most hospitable and sophisticated on the planet which add to Bali’s appeal. The Indonesian province has incredible beaches that stun both tourists and locals alike. Visiting Bali is an experience no one should miss out on.