7 Best Beaches in CURACAO to Visit in 2023

best beaches in curacao

Looking for a beautiful beach to spend time in Curacao? This article will leave one spoilt with choices with the best seven beaches worth their time and money in Curacao.

Located in the Dutch Caribbean, Curacao is a famous island endowed with spectacular beaches that appeal to both locals and travelers alike. Beaches here are full of energy, and there is a lot that visitors can do.

If one is looking for an excellent place to relax, away from their regular schedule, alone, with friends, or with family, this is the place to be.

Finding a beautiful beach in Curacao also means knowing what one wants for a fulfilling holiday. Some are suitable for water sports while others are perfect for swimming.

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If one is planning to visit Curacao, here are its best beaches!

1. Grote Knip

Grote Knip is located about 4 miles south of Playa Kalki. Sometimes this beach is referred to as Playa Abou, which loosely means a beach in the valley. This is true because rocks surround it. It is among the most filmed and photographed beaches for its beauty.

When walking around, one cannot help but notice the beauty of Grote Knip Beach. While people may overlook too many facilities here besides a bar and a toilet, they will still discover it is one of the best beaches on the island. Moreover, the fact that it is the beginning of a coral reef makes it excellent for snorkelers.

The former plantation, Landhuis Knip, is found east of the beach and currently houses a museum endowed with a rich history of the slave trade and its essential role.

In Curacao, most beaches demand an entrance fee. Nonetheless, one can access Grote Knip free of charge. During weekends, many locals and nonlocal tourists visit this beach and have great fun.

On this beach, a raft in the waters offers a great place to relax, especially after snorkeling. Besides snorkeling, there is a lot to do; one can swim, relax and sunbathe on the sandy beach.

2. Mambo Beach

Mambo Beach is another popular white sand beach in Curacao. It is set just outside of Willemstad and is known for its busy, party vibe.

The beach is dotted with loungers and umbrellas for rent and you will find countless amazing restaurants, bars, and coffee places around the shore. There is also an aquarium, a music stage, and a shopping mall featuring free parking.

You don’t have to worry about accommodation either – there are plenty of hotels, spas, and resorts in the area.

The waters there are clear with gentle waves thanks to the rock wall that protects the shore. Apart from swimming and snorkeling, you can also rent equipment there and practice various watersports.

Mambo Beach is situated just about 15 minutes away from the port. It is, therefore, a convenient beach to visit if you arrive on a cruise ship for the afternoon.

3. Playa Grandi (Playa Piscado)

Also referred to as Playa Piscado, Playa Grandi is another excellent beach in Curacao. Here, one can view sea life on the dock or close to shore. Many tourists come to this beach to sunbathe and swim, while others dive and snorkel. There are high chance one will see turtles, especially if they are here from 10 am until 4 in the evening.

The water entry is characterized by coral and rocks, a phenomenon that makes it excellent for snorkeling and diving. Heading to Westpunt, one can swim with turtles and color fish both in the wild and in the shallow water. Also, there are a lot of fishmongers around the beach who fish and sell their catch.

Holding a function here such as a wedding is possible as there are chairs and tents for rent. Also, a snack bar is often open during the weekend. If anyone wants to swim with the turtles, watch them, dive and snorkel while in the Caribbean, they should visit this beach.

4. Playa Jeremi

Playa Jeremi is found in Northwestern Curacao next to the village of Lagun. The locals often prefer this beach, and few tourists know about it. One might want to visit it because it’s not too touristy.

At Playa Jeremi, stones are carved into steps leading to a narrow cove, including a coral reef wall with formations of grand corals. If anyone plans to visit this beach, they must be ready for the hot sun. As such, they should not forget to carry with them an umbrella as there is low vegetation to offer shade. Also, there are not as many facilities here, and it could be helpful if people carried their snacks.

One can also relax at any time of the year on this public beach because there are fairly rainy seasons on the island. The beach is an excellent escape from the public and is a secluded area surrounded by nature. As such, it can offer a perfect sundowner when one visits it late in the evening.

A couple of hotels are also found in the south of the beach. Thus, anyone can book a reservation there by writing personal emails to the owners.

5. Jan Thiel Beach

Jan Thiel Beach is one of the most celebrated beaches in Curacao. It is characterized by soft sand and a few high-end restaurants nearby.

While the beach is trendy, it is still relaxed, and one won’t have trouble finding plenty of room to dip in the waters. The waves here are calm; hence it is pretty easy to swim. Jan Thiel Beach is located in the town of Jan Thiel, south of Willemstad.

There are a couple of things to do on this beach, such as partying. The beach is ranked among the biggest party beaches on the island and stands among the liveliest beach in Curacao. Many things are happening here thus no one will be bored during their visit.

One can also take a trip to Willemstad, the island’s capital city, which is only approximately 20 minutes by car. The capital city is colorful and known for its floating pontoon bridge, which is colonial architecture.

While one can enjoy just lying around the beach, sand, sun, and ocean, there are also definitely more fun ways to spend your day on Jan Thiel Beach.

6. Kokomo Beach

If one is looking for a beach where they can spend their holiday in Curacao, Kokoma Beach should be on their list. The beach offers many opportunities to relax in a lounge chair or enjoy underwater wonders. On this beach, one can access some of the best lounge chairs and local restaurants where they can down their beers and holiday cocktails.

If one is adventurous, the beach has a diving center for people like them. The center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment required to explore the fascinating underwater. One can also be trained to dive correctly in the center.

The center is just a few miles South of Grote Berg and west of Willemstad. Like most beaches highlighted here, Kokoma Beach does not ask for an entry fee. Besides, it boasts the best beach chairs for hire if one wants to hold an event there.

7. Kleine Knip (Playa Kenapa Chiki)

Also known as Playa Kenapa Chiki, Klein Knip is a fantastic beach in Curacao where one can enjoy mingling with the locals and experiencing more. Just like Grote Knip highlighted in the beginning, this beach is also situated in a bay surrounded by rocks. Besides, it is a calm beach and an excellent place for snorkeling.

The beach has a small restaurant with a few trees that offer shade from the scorching sun. Nevertheless, the beach has limited facilities, but its relaxed atmosphere makes it find its way into this list of the best six beaches in Curacao.

The beautiful, underdeveloped beach is found at the west end of Curacao and has ample parking just next to the beach. On the left side of the bay, there are some corals and great big boulder topography. The waters have a few fish, and it is possible to spot groups of squids and octopuses. Besides, there are corals and a fish cleaning station in the vicinity.

Why Visit Curacao

If one is thinking of taking a trip to the Caribbean, one might want to stop at Curacao. Curacao is an island in the Caribbean that offers something for everyone. The moment one visits this island, they are guaranteed to enjoy every moment.
Here are some reasons one must consider visiting this Caribbean island.

It has some of the best beaches

The island is home to plenty of beaches that are just amazing. Beaches in Curacao are sandy, have clear waters, and offer everything one might expect from a beach, such as the best restaurants and bars, parking, diving, and snorkeling opportunities. Besides, one can enjoy sunbathing, swimming with turtles, and much more.

The fact that there are so many of them also means that one can find just what they are looking for.

Cultural diversity

While this island is situated in the Caribbean, it is not like any other Caribbean island. It boasts of the diversity of various people around the world. The island is vibrant and complemented by the Dutch’s fantastic culture. One can enjoy delicious Dutch snacks and dishes throughout Curacao as souvenirs.

The capital of Curacao, Willemstad, is also known for showcasing the Dutch architecture of carved eaves and gambrel roofs. If one is traveling here as a tourist, the language barrier should not stress them because the island is home to approximately 200 000 people. Most speak Dutch, Portuguese, Papiamentu, English, and Spanish.

The capital’s heritage

Willemstad is the capital city of Curacao. It boasts of rich history and is both a cultural and business hub. The Caribbean, Dutch and Spanish flairs characterize this capital city. It displays Curacao’s rich and electric history, such as architecture, art, and more.

The city still has Dutch and Spanish colonial buildings to this day. The Kura Hulanda museum, for instance, was a former slave yard and contained dozens of African arts in the Caribbean. This capital is also safe due to its heightened security; thus, one should not worry about traveling here.

The Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge is also found in the capital. The bridge displays magnificent colors during the night. The Floating Market is where one can buy fresh fish products along the bridge.

Underwater magic

When visiting Curacao, one should be prepared to swim. They can also board an underwater scooter and have a thrilling experience at the coral site. Besides, one can go snorkeling, diving, and enjoy spotting turtles along the way.

Local underwater scooter operators will take one to excellent snorkeling and diving adventures. They are aligned with PADI for environmentally friendly diving practices. Thus, anyone can explore the island’s walls, incredible coral reefs, and sunken ships.

The waters are warm throughout the year, and the dive sites are protected from deadly currents. This makes it the ideal place even for newbies.

Curacao is a Caribbean island that many people have always loved visiting. Everyone who visits this island has a lot to share with those yet to be here. If one is planning for a weekend getaway or even a vacation, one may want to consider visiting Curacao and checking out some of its best beaches.