7 Best Beaches in MARYLAND to Visit in 2023

best beaches in maryland

Work-life can sometimes be so overwhelming that all you can need is a vacation. Vacations just have a better way of improving your physical and mental health and family relations. Beach vacations can be the best since there is some peace assured when you are on the shores.

Searching for beaches where you can elevate your mood with the ocean breeze? Maryland has got the best beaches to give you incredible experiences and satisfying moments.

The six best beaches in Maryland that you can visit this year are Ocean City, Assateague Island, Kent Island, Cherry Beach, Sandy Point State Park, and Chesapeake Beach.

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Below you will find why we assure you that you will have a great time on these beaches.

Best Beaches In Maryland MAP

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1. Ocean City

Looking for a spacious beach to spend with your family? Ocean City has got you covered. This is one of the best and most popular beaches in Maryland.

It overlooks the great Atlantic Ocean with a beautiful coastline that offers you a couple of things to see and do around. I bet your vacation here will be the best.

The things that you do in this place should be the least that you should worry about. This beach offers a lot of activities to partake in. From lying on the sand and enjoying the scorching sun to taking a walk along the beach.

Just in case you come with your family, you can never lack a family activity to do in this place. You can enjoy flying kites, fishing, canoeing, and bike rides. When you visit here during summer, a lot of free family activities such as concerts, movies, and beach Olympics are offered.

You can get an offer on the longest boat rides at cheap prices. Boarding the boats gives you the best rides and the best views of the ocean. If it is your lucky day, you can catch a view of dolphins that are enjoying their play in the waves.

Your comfortability and your safety are well catered for during the boat rides. In any case, if you are not fun of boat riding you can opt for parasailing, paddling, surfing, or renting a jet ski and enjoy your skiing.

One of the things that you shouldn’t miss while on this beach is the 3-mile-long boardwalk. It is filled with several stores, restaurants, and bars. You can enjoy the local seafood in these restaurants.

After a long day and you are worried about where to spend your night? Ocean City has the most comfortable hotels that can cater to your accommodation. The nights here are very enjoyable.

With all of these stunning features, you may want to know the history of this beautiful beach. Ocean City has a museum to give you a full history of the beach.

2. Assateague Island

Assateague Island is the only park situated on the ocean in Maryland. It is known as home to beautiful wild horses. Do not be astonished to see them roaming on this island.

It is safe to walk along the sea shore and get a better view of these animals. Sometimes they can pass you while you enjoy your sunbath on the beach. Let them not catch you by surprise

The interior of this island is also a habitat for birds and other wildlife. They include island foxes, dolphins, bald eagles, and whales. It is a must to visit place for a traveling geographer.

You can view this beautiful wildlife at a distance or when canoeing. This is a perfect place for you if you love hiking and canoeing. Having some cool walks along the beach can also be stress-releasing.

The calm waters in Assateague Island are just perfect for swimming and surfing. You can also enjoy watching the dolphins playing in the waves or just spend your day fishing. A breeze on the shore is also a must as you enjoy the sun.

For those that enjoy camping in groups, there are campsites, too. They feature fire pits and picnic tables. You can enjoy your evenings having a perfect roast or a BBQ with your family and friends.

Ensure you stock enough firewood for the fire and anchor the tents firmly on the sand. There are also recreational vehicles that give you the most enjoyable rides along the sea shore.

In any case, if you are looking for a spacious place to enjoy your family vacation and an outdoor adventure, Assateague Island is a friendly place to opt for. It is very wide in terms of space.

If you need some cool place to refresh and bond with your family, Assateague Island should be your next stop. There you are assured of a different experience.

3. Kent Island

Looking for a cool beach to spend your next vacation? Then, Kent Island is the place. It is situated approximately 20 miles on the east of Annapolis, 50 miles on the east of Washington, and about 40 miles on the southeast of Baltimore.

This is the largest island in the Chesapeake Bay. It prides itself in having two biking and walking trails. You can freely explore your skills on these trails and if you don’t have one you can start from there.

The two public beaches are the best spot to enjoy your fishing. You can back it up with some walks along the beach as you have a view of the splendid coast.

How about having some breathtaking sunsets and viewing the bay at night? You can enjoy these as you do a cookout with some friends or with your family. They will give you memories for years.

You can never lack a place to satisfy your hunger or quench your thirst with some drinks. It has one of the most luxurious and coolest hotels that offer you finger-liking meals. If you have never had a sea meal or enjoyed steamed crabs, these hotels will never let you down.

After a long day, you may need somewhere to relax a bit to get off the activities of the day or to enjoy the company of other people. Kent Island has got friendly entertainment places where you can enjoy some cool music accompanied by cocktails.

Need a place to spend the night after a long and busy day at the beach? There are cozy rooms where you can give your body some unforgettable treatment. The best nights are spent there.

4. Cherry Beach

This beautiful beach is located in Sharptown and is about 15 minutes ride from Salisbury. It is situated on the shores of the Nanticoke River which is on the upper side. It is a lovely place to visit for some recreational activities.

The most unique thing about this beach is that it is not located on the Atlantic coast just like the many beaches in Maryland. This one gives you a different experience away from the ocean. Having a glorious experience on the banks of the river can be astonishing.

You can enjoy sightseeing along the beach as you enjoy the evening sun. It’s a great place to stop for picnic activities and to have some fun. Canoeing, fishing, and boating are what you can never miss doing on the cool waters.

However, swimming is not recommended in this place because the river has choppy waters. This however does not mean that you can’t enjoy the sand and some warm sun along the Nanticoke River.

The beach is well maintained to give you a friendly and comfortable stay. Worried about your kids’ visit and engagement in this place? There is a popular park that has got a pavilion for kids. Taking some walks along the trails can also be a very pleasant experience with your family.

The pavilion also has a beautiful playground that can keep you activated during your visits. At least not every activity on the beach should be about the waters and the sand. Grabbing a super lunch at the pavilion with your friends and family can be a good way to escape the afternoon sun.

One of the things that got you covered in this place is the parking lot. Where you will park your car is the last thing that should worry about when visiting this stunning beach. There is enough space for each vehicle regardless of its size.
This beach is just irresistible.

5. Sandy Point State Park

Its name alone gives it a perfect description. Sandy Point State Park has been a choice for many people who want to come and connect with nature. It is located in the northwestern of Chesapeake Bay.

Just a distance from Annapolis, it is a preferred place for those who dwell in the city. It stands out as one of the most beautiful state parks that are found in Maryland. Its picnic areas that overlook the great Chesapeake Bay and the scenic water views are its unique features.

Swimming is one of the activities that can brighten up your day on this beach. To them that can’t resist the sight of birds, Sandy Point State Park can be a place to enjoy this hobby. To them that can’t leave the beach without fishing, this is a perfect platform to perfect that passion.

Having some rest on the beach can be backed up with wildlife and bird watching. For the ones that enjoy cruising the waters, there is a marina where you can rent boats to stir up your day. Building sand castles can be an exciting activity to do with your friends and family, too.

After a busy day at the beach, you can stop at the boathouses for some refreshing offers. They have restrooms, bathhouses, and showers to keep you refreshed. You can as well grab some drinks and snacks at the concessions to fulfill your stomach desires.

Your safety on the beach should not be a bother to you. The lifeguards found at the beach assure you of your safety and your family’s, in any case, you have one. Talking of family, this park offers you shelter accompanied by grills, picnic tables, and electric hookups for catch-ups.

It is a good place to connect and bond with your family and friends. The playgrounds and the picnic areas are all that you may need to make your day full of fun. It’s the perfect stop for that family or group vacation.

6. Chesapeake Beach

It’s a beach that gives you the best representation of the wonderful bayside community. It is one of the best places that you can never regret visiting. Here you can come and forget about the things worrying you in life.

The Railway Trail along the old abandoned railway is the most unique attraction site on this beach. It is about 1.9 miles long. Coming with your dog for a walk or bicycles for a ride can give you a splendid time, too.

By visiting this place, you can enjoy the view of the cool waters and the small beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. The lovers of swimming, fishing, and boat riding are also not left out.

If there is a place well known for having pleasant restaurants, then it’s the town of Chesapeake Beach. They are the best at serving you fresh and local seafood. The yummy, appetizing, and enjoyable sea dishes are found in this place.

Entertainment enthusiasts’ desires are fully met at this place. There are a lot of bars, restaurants, and resorts that offer you entertainment. Having some time at the Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum can improve your history and knowledge about this charming beach.

The town also has got beautiful hotels with a welcoming environment to cater for your accommodation.

7. Breezy Point Beach

Calvert County manages this well-known beach, which welcomes hundreds of tourists each year. The half-mile-long sandy beaches on the Chesapeake Bay attract many families. They offer a children’s playground, a swimming area, and a 200-foot pier for those who want to cast a fishing line.

There is a campground on the beach where you can camp or bring your RV if you want to take a weekend getaway. If you just want to stop in, you can have a traditional picnic at one of the many grills and tables.

Weekdays are the ideal time to explore Breezy Point Beach. Summer vacations and weekends are often very crowded and only a certain number of people are allowed to enter the park at one time. Showing up early is the best advice.

Last but not least, the beach has fairly clean sand and a safety net surrounds the breakwater to keep out jellyfish.

Why visit Maryland

As much as Maryland may be one of the smallest states in the USA, the experience found on the beaches as stated above can make you desire to visit it. It gives you beach experiences that will give you memories forever, while their beautiful environment can assure you of your comfort and safety during your stay.

There are several exciting activities that are offered for you that are both on land and water. These attractive beaches give you a chance to explore some of the many activities that you have ever desired. They give you refreshing moments that lift your spirits to face work when you leave.

The friendly people on these beaches can always encourage you to visit these places often. They are always ready to help and give direction when needed. You do not need to be worried about the prices for they are very friendly and manageable and are accompanied by a lot of offers.

Planning on your next vacation, prioritize one of these beaches and enjoy the blissful moments.