7 Best Beaches in MOROCCO to Visit in 2023

best beaches in morocco to explore

Many people are drawn to Morocco because of its reputation as a place to find incredible bargains in the souks and experience the magic of the night sky in the Sahara Desert. Still, the country also offers more than its fair share of stunning beaches.

The two options are the calm Mediterranean, its sandy beaches and warm waters, and the wild beauty and diverse culture of the Atlantic coast. In this article, we will have a look at six of the top beaches that Morocco has to offer.

You can also choose whether or not to extend your trip by one or three weeks in order to see the country’s interior.

1. Tagharte Beach, Essaouira

The most well-known beach in Essaouira is called Tagharte Beach, and it is situated on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean in the middle part of Morocco.

In acknowledgment of its high cleanliness and excellent water quality, it has been awarded the Blue Flag classification, and it features 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) of stunning golden sand.

Because there is so much space, there is room for everyone, even during the busiest times of the year.

Although the water is not ideal for swimming, and there are more desirable beaches to do so on this list, Tagharte is unparalleled in the variety of high-octane activities that can be enjoyed there.

The town of Essaouira is well-known for its high winds, making it an ideal location for windsurfing, surfing, and kitesurfing throughout the year. You may take a lesson or hire a board in one of the nearby surf shops; alternatively, you could join the locals in a game of beach football. In addition to that, you can also take a ride on a camel or horse.

2. Sidi Kaouki Beach, Sidi Kaouki

The tranquil beach village of Sidi Kaouki can be found approximately 25 kilometers (or 15 miles) to the south of Essaouira. Its beach is a great alternative to Tagharte. It is less crowded and more natural, and because it is exposed to the same powerful Atlantic winds, it is an excellent choice when Tagharte becomes too crowded with windsurfers.

This beach has magnificent dunes, extensive lengths of sandy shore, and basic amenities such as sun loungers and surfboards available for rent.

It is also possible to haggle for camel rides and horse rentals in this area. Take a stroll to the north of the beach during low tide to discover beautiful rock pools, or proceed to the south of the beach to find a tiny river where wild flamingos are frequently observed during the winter months.

If you choose to remain for a more extended period, the town of Sidi Kaouki is renowned for its authentic local cafés and high-quality backpacker accommodation.

3. Saïdia Beach, Saïdia

Saidia is a 5-kilometer beach in Morocco that stretches from the country’s border with Algeria to the beginning of the country’s Mediterranean coast. Vacation villas and apartment complexes catering to locals who return yearly have been built along much of the beach’s length. However, the Saidia Med area at the resort’s western end caters to tourists who are less likely to stay for many years.

The months of July and August see many fashionable people congregating on the long stretch of beach lined with resorts that each have five stars. These resorts can be found along the shoreline of Saidia Med.

In addition to a yacht marina and a golf course, Saidia Med caters to a population that can be classified as more affluent.

The beach has several convenient amenities, including sunshades and loungers that can be rented, as well as water sports vendors from where one may rent kayaks and jet skis.

Be advised that Saidia might feel like a deserted ghost town outside the warm months. The months of June through September are when it truly comes to life.

4. Mirleft

It is possible that Mirleft, a small town located 129 kilometers south of Agadir, is not as well-known as its neighbor to the north. Still, the beach climate in this southern Atlantic Coast town is superior for those who would rather not be part of a tour group.

Mirleft is located on the Atlantic Coast. You can choose from a wide variety of beaches, most of which are framed on either side by cliffs or jagged rocks. The lengthy section of Imin Tourga Beach is the option that is regarded as the most user-friendly and convenient.

Because this city offers such a robust activities scene, most tourists who come to Mirleft are not looking for a beach holiday that comprises merely sunbathing and relaxing in the sun throughout their time there.

The most important thing for visitors to do is to learn how to surf, and many surf schools offer lesson packages that last for five days and rent out equipment.

In addition, the town offers paragliding and fishing in the ocean. It is a convenient location to launch excursions into the interior of the Anti Atlas region, which is rich in tourist destinations.

In Mirleft, one can choose from a diverse selection of quaint inns, bed and breakfasts, and boutique hotels. The beach-front Dar Najmat is our top selection because it has seven spacious rooms, a pool, and the most incredible view of the Atlantic Ocean of any hotel in town.

5. Paradise Beach, Asilah

Asilah is a favorite destination for vacationers on a budget due to its laid-back allure. Because the walls of the old town are situated precisely in front of a bend in the sand, Asilah offers lots of options to mix time spent at the beach with more cultural excursions.

Asilah is only 46 kilometers to the north of Tangier, making it a convenient day trip destination for anyone interested in seeing the city’s narrow old town streets, which are bordered by colorfully white and blue houses that provide photographers with a feast for the eyes.

Despite the regrettable fact that the significant beach of Asilah is littered, there are many sandy beaches in the surrounding area where you can swim and soak up the sun.

An excellent option for swimming and sunbathing is Paradise Beach, located seven kilometers south of the center of town. During the warmer months, there is a lifeguard and a number of free sunshades dispersed around the beach.

Be aware that there are not many additional facilities on Paradise Beach, so it is recommended that you bring a picnic and some drinks with you. If you want to avoid crowds, the best time to visit Asilah is in the spring or fall. During the summer, the area around Asilah and the shoreline are crawling with Moroccans looking to enjoy the beach.

6. Taghazout Beach, Taghazout

From late fall to early spring, surfers from all over the world flock to the beaches here to ride the world-famous waves that break on the sandbars that dot the coastline near the little town of Taghazout.

Even though sunbathing on the sand is a popular pastime here, surfers tend to be the primary beach visitors, except for summer when Moroccan families come to soak up the rays. Immessouane Bay, which can be found around 30 kilometers to the north of town, and Taghazout’s beach, which can be found just in front of the hamlet, are considered the most well-known sites to go surfing in the area.

The surf break at rocky Origin Point is located just to the north of Taghazout’s beach, while the beach itself is made up of a combination of yellow sand and shingle.

Taghazout Beach has rented sunbeds for those who would rather lounge than surf. This is one of the best places in the world to get your feet wet in the sport of surfing, and there are a ton of affordable lodging options that come bundled with surf lessons. The city of Taghazout is located approximately 24 kilometers to the north of Agadir.

7. Agadir

agadir morocco beaches

The most well-known beach resort city in Morocco is Agadir, located on the southern Atlantic Coast.

For decades, international visitors seeking a family-friendly, reasonably priced beach vacation have flocked here. There is a lot of space to select from because the city center of Agadir is rimmed by a trailing stretch of golden sand.

Head to one of the two private areas known as Palm Beach or Sunset Beach if you want complete amenities and quick access to cafés and restaurants while on the sand. These two sandbars, which are in front of the main tourist area of Agadir, promise unhurried days of sun and sand.

Hotels right on the beach have their own stretch of sand. For travelers looking for resort living with a beach, pool, superb service, and rooms imbued with a sophisticated Moroccan flair, the five-star Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort Hotel is the top of the lot.

The Iberostar Founty Beach, on the other hand, steals the show for vacationing families, with a focus on activities and entertainment targeted toward children, a spacious pool area, and a great swath of sand out front.

Why Visit Morocco

It is highly recommended that you go to the Moroccan coastal cities if you are someone who takes pleasure in activities that include being in or on the sea. You may also consider traveling to some of Morocco’s less well-known locations to provide yourself with a period that is free from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is challenging to identify the top activities that one should participate in while in Morocco.

Morocco is a country full of culture, adventure, and mystery. It is a land that has inspired artists, writers, and travelers for centuries. The word “Arabia” is derived from the name of the region that is now Morocco.

This country has so much to offer. From the bustling and vibrant city of Casablanca to the sleepy and charming city of Chefchaouen, Morocco is a place that will captivate you. There are a variety of beaches to visit, as well as mountains and deserts to explore.

Morocco is a traveler’s paradise for those looking for an experience that blends the country’s stunning historical beauty, natural wonders, and vibrant culture. The country in Northern Africa, positioned at the crossroads of Africa and Europe, is simply stuffed to the brim with some of the world’s most magnificent activities and sights.