7 Best Beaches on MAUI Island, Hawaii to Visit in 2023

Best Beaches on MAUI Island

Maui is known for its beautiful beaches, which are a huge tourist attraction.

Here are the top 7 beaches in Maui that you should visit.

Best Beaches in Maui MAP

best beaches in maui map

1. Lahaina Beach

This is one of the most popular beaches on all of Maui because it is located in downtown Lahaina, making it convenient to reach by foot. The sand here has a fine grain and is white due to the quartz that coats it. It’s also very safe because water collected from rainfalls only flows into and not out of this beach due to its location below sea level. This makes swimming possible year-round.

Lahaina beach is also a popular surfing spot. It is not very crowded because of its remote location. It’s also a great place to take pictures because it has an unobstructed view of the southernmost point of Maui.

2. Kaanapali Beach

Kaanapali beach is located on the west shore of Maui, near Lahaina.

Kaanapali beach is excellent for sunbathing because it has a beautiful shoreline. It also has a vast swimming pool at one end of the beach, perfect for laps and cooling off.

This beach is ideal for swimming because it is clean and not too dangerous. It is also prevalent among tourists because of its proximity to the Maui Iki Beach Hotel and Mala Wharf Resort.

Although there are no buildings in this area, it’s still very crowded because of the great view of Kaanapali beach visitors get. The sand on this beach is white but covered with pebbles, which makes it different from other beaches on Maui.

3. Makena Beach

Makena Beach Maui

This beach is located on the south coast of Maui near Hana.

Makena beach is an excellent place for swimming because a reef surrounds it. This makes it very safe; kids love playing on Makena. Visibility is also excellent, so you can see a lot of coral and fish in the distance. The water here is clear, making it suitable for snorkeling and swimming.

Makena’s coral reef is one of the most diverse in all of Maui, with over half a million fish swimming among its many colored fishes, manta rays, sea turtles, and sea horses. You can find an abundance of Diamond Head Turtle hatchlings from July to August when there’s an abundance of food available near the beach area.

This beach is breathtaking because of its beautiful shoreline. It consists of the golden sand you see on all the other beaches in Maui but with a great ocean view. This beach has a gentle slope, which makes it great for children and families. It is also very safe as water doesn’t flow into this beach because of its location below sea level. Makena bay is also home to many water sports, including snorkeling, scuba diving, and kite surfing.

4. Wailea Beach

Wailea Beach is located near Makena Beach, on the south coast of Maui.

Wailea Beach is truly a beautiful beach that has excellent quality sand. It is also surrounded by a beautiful coral reef and is home to many different types of fish and coral. It also has a swimming pool right in front of the beach, which makes it very popular among tourists who want to cool off once they’ve gotten wet from the ocean water.

The water on Wailea Beach is so clear because it is only fed by rainfalls and not seawater, which makes swimming and snorkeling possible year-round. It’s also very safe because the area above and below the water is protected by a coral reef that prevents the waves from reaching too far onto the shore. You can also find a wide variety of fish in this area, ranging from sea turtles to lobsters and eels.

5. Paia Beach

Paia Beach Maui

Paia Beach is located on the north shore of Maui.

Paia is a massive beach with crystal clear water. It’s also home to the North Pacific Marine Science Center, which has a viewing area for guests where they can see fish and other sea creatures in their natural habitat. You can also find beautiful shells and coral here.

The sand on Paia Beach is made up of fine white gravel instead of sand grains due to the high amounts of coral debris that fall into the water. It’s also famous for its tide pools, which are great places to explore if you love snorkeling or scuba diving.

6. Haleakala Beach

Haleakala Beach is located near the park of Haleakala National Park on Maui’s north shore.

Haleakala Beach is a great place to spend a day at the beach if one wants to experience something different from a regular beach. This beach is located within Haleakala National Park and is protected by fences that prevent visitors from getting too close to the shoreline, which makes it safer for swimming. Great spot to enjoy with your family because the beach has gentle waves and no strong currents, making it suitable for kids and adults.

This beach is also home to a wide variety of shells, including mussels, abalone, and sea urchins. It is also an excellent spot for snorkeling or swimming because the water here is clear.

7. Hamoa Beach

Hamoa provides ocean excursions that combine the tranquility of Maui’s leeward beaches with a taste of Hana’s dramatic wilderness. Enjoy a swim with your family, a leisurely stroll, a relaxing siesta, a picnic, and a breathtaking view of a volcanic crater.

Hamoa Island is 1,000 feet long and 100 feet wide. It is surrounded by coastal cliffs, and lush flora thrives in breathtaking splendor along the coast.

If you want to snorkel or scuba dive, there are some nice snorkeling and diving opportunities offshore, as well as some excellent swimming and body surfing (mainly in winter). When the surf is low, you can easily launch a kayak if you can get it to shore.

The fringing reefs leave Hamoa unprotected, allowing the high surf to pound the beach unimpeded during the winter months.

Maui Beaches FAQs

What is the prettiest beach on Maui?

Lahaina beach is the prettiest beach and one of the most visited on Maui Island by locals and tourists.

Which part of Maui has best beaches?

North East Coast of Maui is considered to have the most stunning and best-looking beaches on the island.

What beach has the clearest water in Maui?

Honolua Bay is known to have clearest water in Maui during the summer where you can enjoy amazing snorkeling or swimming.

Why visit Maui?

Here are reasons you should visit Maui;

The beaches

Maui is known for its beautiful beaches. The beaches are located in different areas on the island, so it doesn’t matter what part of the island you’re in; you’re sure to find a beach that suits your needs.

The beaches on Maui are some of the best in the world. Each beach has its unique experience, and they’re also home to lots of shells and coral, which can be collected if one is interested in providing a souvenir for their family back home or selling it to make some money. If not, no worries. The beach is still there, and one can always go back and revisit them.

The weather

Since Maui is an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it tends to have more rain than most other places. However, that doesn’t mean one must skip going there because of the rain when planning a trip.

Maui only has about 35 inches of rain a year, less than places like Pennsylvania and Oregon. The rain typically falls in the afternoons on an average of 10 days out of the month. So all one has to do is plan their trip so that they can go to the beach during those hours, and they’ll have sunshine for most of the trip, perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, or any other water activity.

Average Fall Temperatures in Maui (Source: weatherspark.com)
Average Fall Temperatures in Maui (Source: weatherspark.com)

The Foliage

Maui is also famous for its stunning foliage that thrives in its abundant rainfall. If you’re looking for a paradise full of green with thick, luxurious greenery, this is the place to go! In winter, Maui’s rainforests provide a breathtakingly lush landscape.

Maui’s natural beauty is unparalleled anywhere in the world. It has a variety of landscapes, including meadows and rainforests, but it’s most famous for its mountains and red and black lava stone deserts. The views will make your jaw drop every time one looks at them.

The Food

Maui is also home to some of the best food one can find on vacation. The incredible selection you’ll find here is a paradise for food lovers. They can try all sorts of different foods from all over the world and local Hawaiian food. There’s also an abundance of fruits that are sure to tempt even the pickiest eater.

If one looking for a place to go on vacation that provides more than just beaches, this is it! Maui has so much more to offer than just beaches and sunsets, making it one of your best options when it comes time for traveling and exploring new places.

The Culture

Maui’s culture is also something that one should experience. Since it’s surrounded by water, the locals here are amiable and welcoming to newcomers. There’s a unique mix of cultures because of its location, which significantly adds to its uniqueness and diversity.

One can take pictures with the locals and even interact with them. They’re very friendly people who love having their photos taken, so don’t be afraid! You won’t regret it because Maui is home to some of the nicest people in the world.

The History

Maui is also home to some of the oldest civilizations on earth. Interestingly, this happened because it was settled so long ago, and there are still many things one can see that show its age and beauty.

There are some ruins in town as well as underground caves. One can check them out if they want to, but should not go too far away from the main roads, or they’ll get lost! Even one decides to head down into the caves, they should bring some extra food for the trip because it’s a long hike back.

In conclusion, Maui is one of those places everyone should visit at least once. It is home to many unique things such that one will never want to leave. If you’re looking for a place to go on vacation, make it Maui. You won’t regret it!