6 Best Beaches In TENERIFE To Visit In Autumn 2022

best beaches in tenerife

Being the largest island in the Canaries, Tenerife showcases some of the best stretches of sand and exotic natural scenery. Tenerife has invested a lot of hard work and resources to ensure its rocky coastline is a heaven for tourists.

This has been achieved by importing refined sand from the Sahara desert and constructing award-winning hotels and resorts where both local and international tourists can enjoy the beautiful views.

Tenerife Island is of volcanic origin, meaning most of the beaches contain black sand. However, this does not prevent you from having a good swim in the warm sun as you tour the restaurants and bars, not forgetting the endless fun activities to engage in.

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Each beach in Tenerife has a unique appeal style that makes it stand out from the other beaches. Some of the Tenerife beaches are exclusively built for tourism, but other rugged options exist for individuals searching for a secluded experience. The following are the six best beaches found in Tenerife:

1. Playa de las Teresitas

One thing that qualifies Teresitas Beach as one of the best ones is the amazing background views of the volcanic mountain peaks. In addition, this beach has golden sands and is estimated to have a length of 2km, adorned with palm trees and lounge chairs for relaxing in the soft sand.

Those who enjoy snorkeling can take advantage of this beach and showcase their aquatic skills. Swimming on this beach is also a good idea because of the concrete barriers located offshore, which act as a protective bay.

The powdered soft sands found on this beach were imported from the Sahara desert and had to be subjected to rigorous cleaning to remove the scorpions and red ants that had infested it.

Due to its clean nature, this beach is kid friendly and offers a variety of activities for them to engage in. Also, it is in close proximity to Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is a short drive from CLC World Tenerife resorts.

This man-made beach gets crowded with locals during summer because of the endless fishing restaurants, among others, too.

2. Playa de los Gigantes

This black-sand beach is towered over by cliffs soaring as high as 800 meters and is commonly referred to as the Giants Beach by the locals. The rocky cliffs provide an inspiring view for those visiting, and Los Gigantes is dramatic, especially for sunbathing.

Locals prefer this beach due to its west location that provides protection against the infamous easterly winds of Tenerife. Enjoy plenty of shade in the morning and extraordinary sunset views that will leave you gaping for more.

What is even better, the water is a diving heaven full of caverns, lobsters, moray eels, octopuses, and stingrays, among other aquatic animals.

Gazing out at the placid bays as you work on your tan would be a fantastic way of spending time at Playa de Los Gigantes with a mimosa to accompany the day.

Steep stone mountains slope into the sea border; this beach is located a short drive from Tenerife resorts. Moreover, the beach is a perfect hang-out joint for families because it is dominated by calm waters, with the black sand immensely contributing to its beauty.

3. Playa de Las Vistas

Playa de Las Vistas is well manicured and is an ideal place for families because of its easy access and safe swimming conditions. If you are in search of a spacious 850-meter space dominated by golden sand, Playa de Las Vistas is the ideal place to be in.

The refreshing blue-green sea is a favorite for beachgoers, with the promenade offering a variety of ice cream kiosks to help cool down in the sun and see to it that everyone has a good time while on the beach.

Despite being large, this beach tends to get crowded sometimes. Still, tourists give it a run for their money because it serves to be multipurpose with many fun activities to engage in. If you have been planning to visit Tenerife, this beach should be included on your bucket list.

4. Playa Jardín

Apart from being a beautiful beach, Playa Jardín is also blessed to have many art installations that elevate the beach experience to the next level.

This black-sand beach is located in the northern town of Puerto de la Cruz and is full of delightful elements that please all the tourists visiting.

Its most outstanding feature is a man-made waterfall brought into existence by architect Cesar Manrique and famed Spanish artists, not forgetting its tropical gardens and footpath networks that serve to bring more life and authenticity to the beach.

The man-made project was an innovative project aimed at transforming the island’s coastline into a magical one. The beach was selected to be a perfect place to have the manicured gardens because it offers a perfect view of Mount Teide.

Playa Jardin is an answered prayer to those who have always dreamt of spending some quality time in a tropical paradise. The vibrant flower and plant profusions almost creep onto the beach’s black sands, and one can never get enough of the amazing view.

Apart from the interesting cafes, the tropical gardens also contain playgrounds perfect for families with children seeking a good time at the beach. In addition, there are small coved designed on the beach ideal for towel hanging, parasols, and sun-loungers for hire for maximum enjoyment.

Fearless people looking to create adventurous memories are usually attracted to the beach’s high tides and big waves, with the beach promising nothing short of a bohemian feeling.

5. Playa de Fanabe

Playa de Fanabe is a good idea for those looking for constant beach activities like water sports that make for a perfect beach holiday. The beach’s vicinity contains several rental companies where fun lovers can hire banana boats, jet skis, and paddleboats that contribute to creating fun at the beach.

Moreover, there are also glass-bottom boat rides and parasailing available at the beach at affordable prices. These are some of the outstanding elements of fun that everyone has to try while visiting Playa de Fanabe. The beach is located 1.6km north of Costa Adeje and is also known as one of the party beaches in Tenerife.

It is classified among the most popular beaches in Tenerife and has the blue flag because of services such as showers, loungers, and toilets, and guarantees perfect water conditions. The sand on this beach is pale yellow, excluding it from being as burning as some volcanic sand beaches.

The glass bottom rides give one a glimpse of the universe under the sea, which is an experience not easily forgotten and one that will leave you looking forward to the next trip to Tenerife.

6. Playa del Duque

Playa del Duque offers nothing short of high life and is situated near Costa Adeje as well. Lined with thatched straw parasols and elegant striped huts, this white-sand beach serves as a mecca for individuals who like being the center of attraction because of how calculative it looks.

Playa del Duque is not only adjacent to classy restaurants and boutiques but also promises endless sun-soaked swimming moments while watching the satiny sands.

The beach is adorned with turquoise waters, golden sand, and straw umbrellas which all contribute to it drawing the luxury crowd.

There are sun beds for higher, and one can spend time under lovely shade at one of the beautiful restaurants on the promenade. The beach would serve as a nice get-a-way joint for families or individuals looking for some peace and quiet away from the busy and noisy towns.

Why Visit Tenerife?

Tenerife is recognized as one of the world’s most significant tourist destinations. Whether in such for mountains and beaches, vibrant nightlife, hikes, or tasty dishes, Tenerife has got you covered.

Being the largest and the most visited among the Canary Islands, this island has a tone of value and good vibes to offer. It flaunts volcanic mountains, black-sandy beaches, golden beaches, and white-sand beaches, not forgetting the beautiful man-made gardens and waterfalls.

The temperate sea around Tenerife is home to around 30 species of dolphins and whales, and their view can be obtained from aboard boats. Also, its low light pollution levels and proximity to the equator qualify it to be a perfect destination for dazzling stars’ capes.

Islands like Tenerife need multiple traveling stories because of how exquisite they are. It is impossible to dodge this island’s beauty because it is physically attractive and therapeutic to the mind and soul.

The ocean life is not only amazing but also has great gastronomy and is jam-packed with satisfactory activities that any traveler would not want to miss out on.

Tenerife is a versatile destination for all groups of people, adventure seekers, nature lovers, and holidaymakers from all walks of life.