8 Best Beaches in Turkey to Visit in July 2022

best beaches in Turkey to explore

If you’re looking for a beach vacation this year, Turkey should be on the top of your list. The country is home to some of the best beaches globally and offers something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to relax or a place to party all night long, Turkey has you covered. This blog post discusses the eight best beaches in Turkey and what makes them so unique.

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1. Cirali Beach

If you’re looking for a beautiful, sandy beach in Turkey away from the crowds, Cirali Beach is the perfect spot for you.

The beach is located in Cirali near Antalya, in the middle of the Taurus Mountains. It is known for its clear turquoise waters, soft white sand, and stunning views.

Cirali is a great place to relax and enjoy the incredible natural beauty of Turkey. The Olympos ruins are nearby, and the Chimaera – a natural gas vent that burns continuously – is visible from the beach. The sand is soft and white, and loggerhead turtles come to lay their eggs here.

Cirali Beach is a conservation area, so the crystal-clear waters are clean and unpolluted. There’s plenty of space on the beach, as it’s not crowded like some other beaches in Turkey. It’s also a protected area, so there are just a few restaurants and sun loungers – but you can always bring your picnic.

If you’re looking for a truly unique and breathtaking beach experience, Cirali beach may be the perfect place to relax and enjoy nature.

2. Mermerli Beach

Maybe you want to spend a day at the beach in complete seclusion, or perhaps you’re looking for a lively spot where you can sunbathe, swim, and people-watch.

Whichever you prefer, you’ll find it at Mermerli Beach. This beach is located in Antalya and is pedestrian-only. The water is crystal clear, and there are plenty of beach amenities.

The beach has a wide variety of activities to keep visitors entertained, too. To get started you can get to the beach on foot. The sand is white and soft, making it perfect for sunbathing.

The water at Mermerli beach is crystal clear and perfect for swimming, and there are plenty of beach umbrellas and sun loungers for visitors to use. The beach also has a few playgrounds for children.

You will come across a beautiful stone plateau with wooden terraces with sand and pebbles. The views from the terraces are fantastic. You can see all of the coastlines from up there. There are many parasols on the beach to relax and enjoy the stunning views.

For those who want to explore the underwater world, there are plenty of snorkeling and scuba diving options. Moreover, there are many restaurants and cafes along the beach. Visitors can find a place to stay in one of the many hotels or resorts nearby. For example, the Mermerli Restaurant has parasols, drinks, food, and ice creams. If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy the sun, then Mermerli Beach is your place.

3. Patara Beach

Looking for a breathtaking beach to relax on while in Turkey, look no further than Patara Beach. This stunning spot is located in Gelemiş and is one of the country’s most beautiful and unspoiled beaches, known for its clear turquoise waters and soft sandy beaches. It is the longest beach in Turkey, covering a distance of 18 kilometers. You can also traverse the ruins of old temples and arches to enter Patara Beach for a fee.

The picturesque stretch of the coast has the Mediterranean Sea on one side and walks on the other with sunbathing and swimming areas. The beach is also a popular spot for turtles, who come to lay their eggs in the sand.

The warm shallow waters make it ideal for kids to paddle and play while adults can swim or snorkel around the limestone peaks. Rolling white dunes create a beautiful landscape, making it even more special as it is near the national park.

As well as being a stunning place to relax, Patara Beach is also great for birdlife spotters. Moreover, the beach is home to a highly protected turtle species, the loggerhead turtle.

4. Kabak Beach

Have you ever wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life? If so, Kabak Beach may be the perfect place for you. It is one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in Turkey and a great place to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery.

It is located in Fethiye and is accessible by a steep trail after passing a bohemian village. You can reach the beach about an hour’s hike, and you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the beautiful scenic beach. The beach is a half-moon bay with crystal clear waters surrounded by pine forests at the foot of the mountains.

The beach is well known for its clean water and lovely sand. The pebbles on the white sand may be uncomfortable to walk on, but it was worth it for the incredible views.

There are plenty of sun loungers and parasols on the beach to relax and enjoy the stunning views. Kabak Beach is also a great place to swim, sunbathe, and snorkel.

Also, there are only a few locals and backpackers at the beach since it’s not well developed, but that adds to its charm.

Kabak Beach is simply the perfect place to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place to spend your holiday, Kabak Beach is your ideal destination.

5. Blue Lagoon Beach

Do you want to visit a secluded beach where you can find peace and quiet? Then, Blue Lagoon Beach is the perfect place for you. It is located in Ölüdeniz and is one of the most famous beaches in Turkey. The name comes from the fact that the water is so still and looks like a lagoon. The clear blue waters and white sand beaches are simply breathtaking.

The blue waters and wide bay make it a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the views. The Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet here, making it a splendid beach bordered by a natural park. The beach is surrounded by coral reefs, making it a popular spot for snorkeling and diving.

The coral reefs offer an excellent opportunity to see various marine life up close. The Babadag mountains are visible in the background, and there are plenty of sands to grit up your toes in the shallow waters.

The water is warm enough for children to play in safely. It’s a hidden gem that backpackers and locals love alike. Several bars, restaurants, and cafes located nearby provide a delicious way to refuel after a long day in the sun. Moreover, the scenery is spectacular both above and below sea level.

You can go paragliding off the mountains or paddleboard in the lagoon to explore. Thus, if you are up for a beach day with plenty of activities to keep you busy or want to relax on a secluded beach, Blue Lagoon Beach is your place.

6. Icmeler Beach

If you want a beach that has it all, then Icmeler beach is your place. Icmeler Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations and receives millions of visitors each year. This beach is located in Marmaris and boasts golden sands, clear waters, lovely views, excellent facilities, and plenty of activities to keep you entertained. The beach is also situated close to restaurants and bars, making it easy to grab a bite or a drink without going too far.

If you’re looking for somewhere to relax, the 6km-long stretch of coastline is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, or simply taking in the stunning views. There are plenty of sun loungers and parasols available for hire and a range of water sports on offer. The beach is also a great place to walk or jog.

Besides, outdoorsy activities like parasailing, jet skiing, and scuba diving are available here. And if you want to explore the area further, there are plenty of hiking trails and hills to discover. In short, Icmeler beach has something for everyone. So whether you’re looking for a place to relax or an adventurous day out, this may be the perfect spot.

7. Kaputaş Beach

Have you ever been to a beach that is so beautiful that it takes your breath away? Not yet? Then, Kaputaş Beach should be on your to-do list.

It is located in the Kas region of Turkey and renting a car is the best option to go there. When you arrive at Kaputaş Beach, you’ll be able to relax on the sand, swim in the crystal-clear waters, or try your hand at some of the water sports on offer.

If you’re feeling active, there are plenty of hiking and cycling trails nearby. With double forested cliffs and a 187 step staircase, Kaputas Canyon is just that type of beach. The view from the top is fantastic, but don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the perfect photo.

Once you’re done taking in the scenery, head down to the sunbeds on the pebbled sands and enjoy a swim or snorkel in the clear turquoise waters, this beach is excellent for children since the waters are shallow and there are no crowds.

In the evening, you can enjoy a delicious meal at one of the beachside restaurants or bars. Then, it’s time to relax under the stars and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of this magical place.

If you’re looking for a beach holiday with a difference, Kaputaş Beach is the perfect destination. Whether you want to relax or explore, there’s something for everyone at this idyllic Turkish spot. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Kaputaş Beach today.

8. İztuzu Beach

Are you looking for a beautiful, sandy beach to relax on while in Turkey? Then, look no further than İztuzu Beach.

This stunning beach is located in Dalyan, Turkey. It is situated between the salty water of the Mediterranean Sea and the freshwater of the River Delta. The beach is well-known for its clear turquoise waters, long stretches of sand, and stunning views.

The sand at Iztuzu beach is 4.5 kilometers long and is known for its natural beauty. The sand is soft and golden, with pine trees providing shade in some areas. The coast is also hilly, which provides a perfect opportunity for an amazing photoshoot.

Swimming and surfing are also popular activities on this beach. Despite its popularity, Iztuzu Beach still feels private due to its massive size. There are also several cafés located near the beach, making it the perfect spot to snack as you relax and enjoy the view. The beach is also home to turtle habitats and a nesting zone for loggerhead turtles.

Besides, it is open from 8 am to 8 pm, with nights reserved for turtle visitors. If you desire a relaxing beach holiday with some incredible views, Iztuzu Beach may be the perfect place.