Best Cities to Live for Freelance Writers

The best thing about being a freelance writer is that no matter where you go, you can still carry your job with you. You won’t get fired for moving. But even when this is the case, there are some places that are more conducive to live in than others. This may be due to the cost of living in the area. Things such as rent and food tend to be costly in some areas. There are so many factors that you would like to consider if you are thinking of being in a city where a freelance writer will freely do their work with ease. There are places that are louder than others. If you are new to the area, and you have come from a place where it wasn’t noisy, this will be a problem.

Some writers are at their best when there is silence, even though others don’t mind the noise.  The noise might interfere with their concentration and hinder them from working. This will be extra sensitive if you happen to develop writer’s block. If you are the kind of writer that gets easily distracted, you might want to consider a move to an area that isn’t loud. With a lot of factors to consider, making a decision shouldn’t be hard for you. Here is a list of the cities considered as the best for writers to live in. You can evaluate which is best for you.

Los Angeles

There are a lot of writers living in this city, which makes networking easy. There are writers of different kinds living in this thriving city. The city is widely populated and attracts a lot of people who want to pursue a career in writing. If you want to land a job as a scriptwriter or write articles for one of your favorite magazines, this is the place to be. The fact that the city has fellow like-minded people living there means that there will be more opportunities for writers. The availability of jobs means there is competition, which will also suggest that writers are likely to earn better salaries.

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However, even with its upside, there is the downside to living in the city. One of them is traffic jams. It is expected that any city with a large population, will have a large workforce. Getting to work can become daunting, however, as a freelance writer this shouldn’t be one of your biggest problems. You can opt to work at home or walk to the nearest coffee area which has a hotspot center. There are a lot of Hotspot centers in the area and the WI-FI connection isn’t much of a problem in the area.

Scottsdale in Arizona

One of the key factors about Scottsdale is the fact that it has a huge population of people who are self-employed. This makes it a friendly environment for a freelance writer to thrive. In Scottsdale, paying your health insurance is favorable since you can do it directly. There are also a lot of chill spots where you can hang out when you want to take a break from your work.

If you don’t mind spending the extra on the rent, food, and transportation this is the best place for you to be. It is a populated city so the same problem of heavy traffic will seem to occur; then again this is not a hindrance to writers. Having a large network of writers to mingle with and help you get connected to the right jobs with their advice and leads, will make up for the shortcomings.

Berlin, Germany

The cost of living in Berlin in Germany is low. The rent is affordable. Medical insurance as well is at a reasonable rate. There are a lot of writers as well in the city, which means you can form a group of people who share the same interests. It is possible to attend writers’ meetings and share your experiences.

It is a big city, which means some challenges are similar to other cities which are the same size. There are traffic jams and it can be noisy when you are walking in the street. However, it is also a beautiful city with beautiful places to visit. You can check out art places and see the cities view if you want to clear your mind. You won’t struggle with an internet connection, it is on point.

Chiang Mai

This city is located in Thailand, Asia. A lot of writers are traveling to the area, it might be because of the great weather or the people. However, it is a great place to be a writer, especially if you like traveling or you are a travel blogger.  There is plenty to see and a lot to write about.

There are a lot of people traveling to the place, many of them are entrepreneurs who are trying to make an impact. This means that there a lot of people that you can intermingle and exchange ideas with.

The rent is and the food is also very cheap compared to many cities. If you are a writer living in this locality, you will not struggle to survive. It will be possible to write and pay your bills at ease. To start with, you can check our roundup of Hostels in Chiang Mai as an alternative first few nights.

The environment is a quiet and serene and it will help your creative juices to flow. Editor and photographer Clelia Mattana, who is Italian says, The contact with other digital nomads and bloggers is the best aspect of staying here: exchanging ideas and suggestions with like-minded people is a great opportunity to create strong relationships and friendships.


Sydney in Australia is a diverse and multicultural city. There are people from different countries who have visited the place. When you are bored there are a lot of activities that you can engage in. They are water sports and sightseeing. Sydney is known for its beautiful sceneries, if you want to take a day trip from weekend getaway from Sydney to ease your mind, it could be worth your time.

There are a lot of coffee shops which are ideal places for a writer to hang out. There is also a large group of freelance writers, all you have to do is connect with the right group which you find yourself easily fitting into. 

According to a David Caine, who commented on an article on Quora he says, Australia’s not a good place to live. It’s a great place to live!

A writer can live anywhere and not have to worry about losing their jobs, even with this being the case, some cities are better picks than others for certain reasons. Pick a place that will help you be close to better job opportunities through networking and a place that is friendly to your budget. Each writer earns differently, and so the choice of where the writer will live will be based on their income. Whichever place you live in as a writer, just make sure to always interact with other writers in the area in order to be informed.