Best Destinations, Tips, And Ideas For Solo Travelers In 2023, According To

Best Destinations, Tips, And Ideas For Solo Travelers In 2023, According To

Here are some great suggestions for introverts traveling solo, as well as our picks for the best places to visit as an introvert, plus some travel tips.

Best travel destinations for introverts


One of the smaller capital cities in Europe, Ljubljana is charming, welcoming, and laid-back. In terms of both attitude toward life and less important things like food, it walks a fine line between Slavic and Mediterranean cultures. This is also true for the rest of the nation, which is characterized by mountains and national parks outside of a few larger towns.

Denver, US

Denver was voted the greatest US city for introverts in a recent study. Why? Well, for a start, there are a ton of fantastic museums, coffee shops, parks, and bookstores. By American standards, it is quite walkable and boasts amazing culinary and art scenes.

Prague, Czech Republic

In Prague the level of English is good even outside of the popular tourist areas. There are shady hillside parks with views across the river, small coffee shops and pubs that haven’t changed much in hundreds of years, and views that only become better at dawn or twilight. Find your new favorite hangout by exploring places like Ikov and Vrovice.


The Swiss are known for being naturally introverted people who live contentedly in tidy, organized cities with invigorating mountain air. Although it’s not a destination that many people consider visiting for pleasure, the blend of urban life and breathtaking countryside makes for a delightful trip.

Positive things about traveling solo

Traveling alone has the advantage of allowing you to go at your own pace, see and do what you want, and have the freedom to decline invitations if you feel overwhelmed. You have been meaning to visit that famous pub you have been reading about, but right now you just can not face all those people. That’s okay. Your journey, your choices.

This leads to the following point: you do not have to feel guilty about doing – or not doing – something. No one is forcing you to do anything, as in the scenario above. You are in Barcelona. You feel compelled to do touristy things, like visit the beach and stroll down La Rambla, but you’d actually rather sit in a park and read a book. That’s okay.

How to meet people on a solo trip

A free walking tour is one of the finest ways to learn about a city and meet other travelers. These are now available in the majority of major cities, and single travelers particularly like them for this reason. Your guide will be able to suggest some locations that aren’t usual tourist traps because you’re all in the same circumstance and have instant common ground.

You don’t even need to make a brilliant statement to start a discussion; merely asking the waitress, hotel employee, or bartender for directions or advice could result in a number of interesting interactions.